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D.C. Council Tables Permanent Cannabis Club Ban, Approves Task Force to Study Them

Legal-weed advocates largely saw the vote as a victory.

Joint Break: Majority of D.C. Voters Support ‘Cannabis Clubs’

But the D.C. Council may vote in favor of a permanent ban.

D.C. Council Committee Approves Language for Permanent Cannabis Club Ban

A Council vote this afternoon was a low for legal marijuana advocates.

Marijuana-Distribution Arrests in D.C. Decreased More Than 80 Percent Between 2010 and 2015

According to data provided by the Metropolitan Police Department

Marijuana Activist Promises ‘Strike’ From Weed to Support Living Wage

Sort of.

Council Upholds Emergency Ban on Cannabis Clubs After Members Change Votes

Legislators ultimately voted to maintain a ban on marijuana in businesses for another 90 days, 9-4.

Bowser Pledges to ‘Crack Down’ on Synthetic Drug Use

Bowser promised to work on bigger penalties for stores that sell the drugs.

Our Dos and Don’ts for Celebrating Legal Pot

Do: Get really high. Don't: Smoke in public.

Photo: Pot Dog

Mt. Pleasant Street NW, November 4

District Line Daily: Kids Invade the Darndest Buildings

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The White House is one of the most secure buildings on the planet (well, unless your [...]

Nearly Half of the $25 Pot Fines Issued So Far Were Issued East of the Anacostia River

In the first two weeks since marijuana was decriminalized in D.C., the Metropolitan Police Department cited 27 people for carrying less than an ounce of pot—with nearly half the citations issued in a police district that covers much of Southeast D.C., including Anacostia, Naylor Gardens, and Barry Farm.
Police also issued eight citations in an area that includes [...]

City Paper Will Pay Your $25 Marijuana Fine

At midnight tonight, the District's law decriminalizing possession of less than an ounce of marijuana for personal use takes effect. Get stopped with a small amount of weed in your pocket today, and you could be facing six months in prison and a $1,000 fine. Wait until tomorrow, and you'll pay just $25. (As the [...]

House Committee Votes to Block D.C. Marijuana Decriminalization Law

The District's law wiping out most criminal penalties for marijuana is officially under attack by national Republicans: The GOP-controlled House Appropriations Committee voted Wednesday to insert an amendment that would gut the decriminalization law into a massive—and unrelated—spending bill.
The amendment, introduced by Republican Rep. Andy Harris of Maryland, would prevent the city from spending any money to implement the law. All of the [...]

The Consequences of Smoking Pot in D.C. Depend on Where You’re Standing

Unless Congress objects, in July the Marijuana Possession Decriminalization Amendment Act of 2014 will take effect in D.C. But to say that pot will be decriminalized in the District would be an oversimplification. While possession will be reduced to a $25 civil fine, you still won’t be able to walk around with a lit joint. [...]

Medical Marijuana: Better Late than Never?

After 15 years of waiting, qualified D.C. residents can now legally purchase medical marijuana. The city's first sale was made Monday night to a 51-year-old, HIV-positive Northwest resident at the Capital City Care dispensary. Regulated dispensaries have been in the works since the D.C. Council passed legislation approving them in May 2010, but the initiative [...]