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D.C. Still Loves the World Cup

The U.S. and Portugal played to a (last-second, extremely painful to watch the end of) 2-2 draw last night in Manaus, Brazil, and once again, the TV market where the match got the highest rating was D.C.
USA-Portugal posts a 9.1 overnight; DC -13.3, Columbus-12.6, NYC- 12.5, Boston- 11.5, Hartford/New Haven-11.3, Providence-11.2, ATL 11.1
— Keri Potts [...]

World Cup Roundup: Summers Time Rolls in High Definition

If there's anything that Brazil and Portugal fans can agree upon–well, besides Portuguese, of course–perhaps it's the flickering high-def bliss of the area's "Best Soccer Pub." Or maybe the baja wrap. Correspondent C.T. Schwink reports from Summers Restaurant in Arlington, during Friday's 10 a.m. clash of South American and European powers.