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Swine Flu Scams: A Pandemic!

Don’t you just love it when you get your own anecdote to back up a news story?
Today, an unusual offer arrived in my inbox: a sales pitch for swine flu vaccine. All I’d have to do is send in my contact info. and a major credit card and the cure would arrive in the mail. [...]

Graham Still Looking Out for (Ward) No. 1

Screw the tanking economy: Der Schweinmeister is back.
On Tuesday, Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham pre-emptively told reporters that he'll be directing a grant or two in his pending committee report. "We do have earmarks," he said, "but we have kept them to an absolute minimum."
Absolute minimum, eh? Quite a boast for a guy whose committee [...]

Our Morning Roundup

Must read. Hint: Author George Saunders' take on lipsticks, pigs.
And Now, Anacostia explores an old masonic lodge. He's got the archival meat and potatoes i.e. old newspaper clippings to make this piece a must read for history buffs!
Prince of Petworth takes picture of building where a pizza place/wine bar is supposed to be in [...]