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The Needle: Rock the Vote

“A creeper mustache (essentially looked like Mayor Gray with more of a goatee)”

The Needle: Stale Snyder

Always remember the first rule of Flight Club.

The Needle: First Fence

More Circulator routes!

Sexy Safeway? Safe Safeway? Swanky Safeway? The Petworth Safeway Apparently Needs a Name STAT

The long-awaited Petworth Safeway opened on Friday and, in keeping with the inexplicable D.C. Safeway tradition, residents are already searching for a nickname for their new grocery store.
The old Petworth Safeway was called the "Stinky Safeway" (take a look at this 2011 analysis of all the D.C. Safeway monikers), but this brand spanking new store hardly [...]

The Needle: The War on Entrees

Food Tease: A new downtown strip club on the 1800 block of M Street NW will have...small plates. -4
D.C. Name Game: An expecting mother wrote in to PoPville asking for suggestions for some D.C.-themed baby names. Some of the ideas: Monica and Anna Costia. +5

The Needle: R.I.P. Rodent Kill

Bad Humor: Someone found a dead squirrel in Petworth holding an empty bottle of vodka and wearing a hat. Respect the dead, even rodents! -3
Two Party Fun: David Catania, an independent who says he's more Democratic than the Democrats, officially launched his campaign for mayor. That guarantees even more political fun after the crowded April [...]

Dupont Circle: A Bermuda Triangle for Wedding Rings

Note to D.C.'s married men: Stay away from Dupont Circle. At least two men's wedding bands have disappeared from fingers in the tony neighborhood in 2014 alone.
A PoPville reader wrote in to the local blog to report finding what appeared to be a man's wedding band on the corner of 16th and Q Streets NW [...]

Fact Check: No Dead Body in Front of Columbia Heights Target

A vigilant reader wrote into PoPville today saying he saw a possible dead body in front of the Target in Columbia Heights this morning. The Prince subsequently posted this possible dead body sighting:
Black male 20 to 30 years old, in a black jacket, lying face down on the sidewalk in a small pool of blood. [...]

The Needle: House of Cheap

Our Hollywood Moment: House of Cards has threatened to stop filming in Maryland unless the state coughs up millions of more dollars in tax credits. Maybe D.C.'s idea to beef up its Hollywood tax incentive program isn't such a bad idea. The Netflix show does, after all, deserve to be filmed in the city that [...]

Horse Poop in Adams Morgan: Much Larger and Grosser Than Dog Poop

In the realm of neighborhood email-list gripes, few ills rank higher than abandoned dog poop. But in a recent missive to the Adams Morgan list, resident Jon August says something even worse is plaguing his neighborhood: horse poop.
In his message last week, August wrote that he's seen horse poop all over the place and called for the [...]

The Needle: Guest of Honor

Wedding Crasher: Well, the story would have been more fun if he were actually a wedding crasher, but RGIII received a wedding invitation from a fan, and the Pigskins player promptly RSVP'd that he would not be attending  But he did leave a nice note to the couple on the RSVP card and included an autographed [...]

The Needle: Putting the Broth in Brothel

Pimp My Restaurant: Bar di Bari on 14th Street NW is closing and will reopen as Red Light, which may be a brothel-themed restaurant on a street that used to serve as the District's very own Red Light district. (Though this PoPville report is based on an overheard conversation.) -5
What a Hoot:  The entire Washington [...]