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The Needle: Teflon Ten-Year-Old

Impunity: An Alexandria boy who brought a toy gun to school won't be charged with brandishing a weapon. +1
Standoff:  D.C. public safety unions say they'll skip a luncheon with Mayor Vince Gray to protest the treatment of three firefighters who stood behind President Barack Obama at an event. -2

The Needle: Closing Time Edition

Last Call For The Alcohol: Closing time at District bars looks likely to remain 2 a.m. on weekdays and 3 a.m. on weekends. A D.C. Council committee voted 3-2 to block Mayor Vince Gray's proposal to extend alcohol sales for an extra hour, instead recommending to raise taxes on drinks. Which, to be honest, is [...]

United We Leave…or Not

I wrote this week about DC United's management and fans giving up on DC.
I don't want the team to leave town. And though I grew up in the DC suburbs, the idea of building sports venues outside the city is so retro. Not good retro, like the opening riff of "Sweet Home Alabama."* Bad retro, [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Winter BBQ Edition

Renew Shaw has the scoop on where to get a decent Christmas Tree.
D.C. Foodies writes an exhaustive (and awesome) first person account of smoking some BBQ in the winter time:
"I understand why some people say Labor Day is the official end of grilling season. I understood it acutely on a recent Saturday morning as my [...]