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How Google Used Mike Allen to Zing Facebook

The text ads that run every day in Politico's Playbook tend to fall into one of two categories.
There are the general "We're an honorable business!" messages, run by corporations like Microsoft ("we're committed to providing the technology people need to live and work creatively and productively"), McDonald's ("when we reduced the trans fats in our [...]

Albritton Advertising Runs Amok!

Monday was, indeed, an exciting day to toil away in the unique salt mine that is the D.C. local media world; across the Potomac in Rosslyn, the crew at TBD got into the game after months of Twittering. Besides their new website, TBD also took over the name and iconography at NewsChannel 8, the 24-hour [...]

Morning Roundup: The SmarTrip is Still Stupid Edition

Good morning, everyone. It's Tuesday! Hope your morning commute wasn't too abysmal. On a sweaty note, today's high of 97 degrees brings a 50 percent chance of thunderstorms this evening. Don't get caught in the downpour on your way to dinner—soggy food is tragic.
In case you missed it, Politico forgot Washington wasn't just the federal [...]

D.C. Elites Win the Dawn!

Great news, Washingtonians: It's boom time here!
That, at least, is the argument Politico (er, sorry, POLITICO) has plastered all over its homepage this morning, breathlessly heralding the results of a survey 1,011 Americans and "227 Washington, D.C., Elites." The poll, taken by Mark Penn, finds the D.C. elites think the country is doing much better [...]

Weekend in Review: Hard Times at the Paper Moon

The saddest part of a palace coup is when the soon-to-be-defeated king yells, "Guards, seize him!" But the sentinels don't move, and the tyrant realizes all the maneuvering has been for nothing. That's how I imagine it went down at the Washington Times late last week, when Politico's Patrick Gavin reported that publisher Jonathan Slevin's contract wouldn't [...]

Why Are All the Best Moments in Gabriel Sherman’s Washington Post Story in His Twitter Feed Instead?

Today in The New Republic, Gabriel Sherman takes a long look at what the subhead calls the "messy collapse of a great newspaper," the Washington Post. There are some great moments in there, like when Executive Editor Marcus Brauchli kills a spider in the car of Katharine Weymouth, the Post's publisher.
Strangely, though, Sherman's Twitter [...]

More! Details on

Want to know more about this colossal new local Web venture coming from the people who gave us Politico? Here are some questions and answers:
What's the name going to be?

Post Salon Scandal Gets Full Take Down

So the Washington Post appeared to want to make you pay big bucks for meet-ups with their reporters and editors. Politico had the scoop on the Post scheme in which Publisher Katharine Weymouth would host "salons" in which lobbyists and association muckety mucks would pay large sums of money to hobnob with Posties, Obama administration [...]

WaPo Enterprise Editor Bill Hamilton Bolts to Politico

Bill Hamilton, one of the most experienced editors at the Washington Post is taking the money and running. The 58-year-old Hamilton is availing himself of the Post's 2009 buyout offer and will join Politico on a yet-to-be-determined date.
After jump, Politico memo (implicitly) thanks Washington Post for the referral.

WaPo Buyouts: Helping the Competition?

The Washington Post has offered four buyout packages this decade—all of them generous bundles of cash and benefits designed to push older reporters and editors off the paper's payroll.
That, at least, is the intended consequence.
A less-intended consequence is that the Post abets competing publications by hastening the departure of top talent and rewarding them for [...]

This Just In: Maureen Dowd Can Do Whatever the F*ck She Wants

In case you missed it, Maureen Dowd flat-out plagiarized either a) Talking Points Memo's Josh Marshall or b) One of her friends, who quoted Josh Marshall in a phone call with Dowd. Either way, Dowd stole some shit and admitted it. Michael Calderone reports that it doesn't really matter. From NYT spokesperson Diane McNulty:

Our Morning Roundup: The Day After Food Day

Good morning, City Desk readers. If you missed our Food Day coverage yesterday, please give it a looksie now. There were sports. There was meat. There was heartache. Dumpster-diving, even. And other things that will alternately make you salivate and cry and dry heave. All in all, it was a comprehensive food day.
49% of Americans [...]

Our Lunchtime Roundup: Bloggers, Booze, and Our Winners in the Readers’ Choice Photo Contest

Good afternoon, Washington. Below the links, City Paper is pleased to announce winners in its 2009 Inauguration Reader's Choice Contest.
*Ben Smith touches on the New York Times-Politico spat; Greg Sargent, meanwhile, mediates between the rhetoric of NYT Exec. Editor Bill Keller and that of Politico's John Harris.
*Farm Fresh Meat, hoping to cure his blogger's block, [...]

Bloodbath at NC8/Channel 7!

Oof. Bad day in Rosslyn.
LL follows up on DCRTV's reporting earlier today of massive layoffs at Allbritton Communication's TV operations (ABC affiliate WJLA-TV and NewsChannel 8).
As far as on-air talent goes, reporter Andrea McCarren is out, DCRTV says, as well as reporter Alisa Parenti, sports guy Greg Toland, and reporters Sarah Lee and Emily Schmidt. [...]

The Politico’s Ben Smith Missed the Boat on Petworth Violence

AMENDMENT: City Paper's Ted Scheinman rightly points out that a serious crime occurred two hours before the All Hands on Deck effort was supposed to wrap up, and not two blocks from the MPD's Kennedy Street efforts: The burning of a car that may be a significant piece of evidence in the Chevy Chase murder. [...]