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The Washington Post’s New Publisher Co-Founded Politico

Katharine Weymouth gets axed.

Man Recovers From Life in Washington by Writing Gratuitous Story in, Uh, Politico?

A former national political reporter fled the District after 10 years for his home state of Kentucky, and after just three months, gained enough perspective to write a blistering take-down of This Town in the most This Town of all news outlets, Politico.
Sam Youngman, a former reporter for Reuters and The Hill who recently decamped to [...]

I Read The Thinly Veiled Politico Thriller So You Don’t Have To

Summer’s here and you’re looking for the perfect beach read. Might we suggest The List, former Politico reporter Karin Tanabe’s novel about life inside The Capitolist, a barely disguised Politico substitute described as “the only media outlet in D.C. that’s actually on the rise?"
But while Capitolist might be doing well, Tanabe's writing—not so much. That [...]

WJLA, News Channel 8 Could Be Sold to Fund Politico

You have to give this to Robert Allbritton: He's not afraid to throw a business overboard. Allbritton's Allbritton Communications, which owns WJLA, News Channel 8, and Politico, dramatically scaled back its hyperlocal website TBD in 2011 after running it for less than a year. Now, in a memo this morning to Politico staff, Allbritton announced [...]

“Valentine’s Massacre” at Post Cuts at Least 40 Jobs

After cutting tuition reimbursement benefits and its cafeteria, the financially-troubled Washington Post has started cutting people in what looks to be the first layoffs of 2013.
Fishbowl D.C., which first reported yesterday's layoffs, has pegged the number of employees cut at 54. Politico says at least 40 people were let go. Either way, it's a lot. [...]

The Needle: R.I.P., Joe

Mogul Passes: Joe L. Allbritton, whose Allbritton Communications was behind Politico, WJLA, and, uh, TBD, died today at 87. Allbritton's Riggs National Bank also laundered money for Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet, which made for some interesting disparities in coverage between the Post and Allbritton-owned outlets. -4
Passenger Passed Over: Popular bar The Passenger will likely close [...]

Politico Announces Winner of the Election: Politico

Talk about winning the evening. The first polls won't close for another few hours, but according to Politico Executive Editor Jim VandeHei, the election's already over. Politico won it all.
"It's only 3:30 and we can declare one clear winner:," Vandehei wrote in an email to staffers this afternoon.
Politico's site has already scored 11 million [...]

New Republic Picks Up Politico’s Ryan Kearney

Count one more resident for the House that Likes Built. Ever since The New Republic was bought by Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes, the magazine has been on a spree, nabbing Up in the Air novelist Walter Kirn, reporter Marc Tracy, and Washington City Paper's Lydia DePillis and Michael Schaffer, among others.
Now City Desk has learned [...]

Internet Baffled by H Street’s “Politico Hipster”

Forbes is out with a list of the country's top neighborhoods for hipsters, and Washington's H Street is number 6.
"'Politico' hipsters flock to this D.C. hood, separated from the rest of the city by the H Street Bridge," writes the magazine that is probably least equipped to judge hipness or, apparently, how bridges work. (Not [...]

The Needle: Rector Rebuffed

UVa President Back: With a unanimous vote, the University of Virginia's Board of Visitors reinstated President Teresa Sullivan today. Earlier, Petula Dvorak wondered whether Sullivan's ouster has attracted attention because she is facing off against another prominent woman, university rector Helen Dragas: "Is it just the woman-on-woman smackdown that makes us all keeping tuning in?" [...]

Priority Playbook Delivery

The federal Washington types who read Mike Allen's Playbook email from Politico every day live in a status-conscious world. As the New York Times Magazine reported last year, Allen personally emails the daily political tipsheet to 3,000 people each morning using Outlook; another 25,000 or so subscribe through the Politico site and get a different version [...]

This Is the Book of Affliction

The hot new book in Washington circles this spring isn’t a policy tome, or a government exposé; it’s Our Haggadah, the Passover story as written by Cokie and Steve Roberts. The journalist power couple, both mainstays of NPR and Sunday morning shows, combine a memoir of their rise to elite status with a guide to telling [...]

TBD’s Night of the Long Knives

Allbritton Communications is giving up on its efforts to reinvent local news for the online era.
Staffers at, launched with great fanfare by Politico's parent company last summer, were informed one at a time this morning by editor Erik Wemple that significant layoffs were on the way, and then told whether they were among those [...]

Politico Celebrates Politico

Around the District last night, it wasn't hard to find somewhere to go watch election returns filter in. Local Democrats gathered at Love. National Democrats, for some reason, had a fancy party downtown; second-hand reports made clear it was only the place to be if you were required by your job to be there, and [...]

Politico: Washington Times Sale Goes Through

Developing news from 3600 New York Ave. NE! Politico reports that News World Communication, the parent company of The Washington Times, has been sold to News World Media Development.
Confused? Back in August, news broke that the Rev. Sun Myung Moon wanted to buy back the Times from his his son, Preston Moon. Per Keach Hagey:
The [...]