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Two Men Attacked in Anti-Gay Hate Crime

Two men were attacked Sunday night in Shaw in what is being considered an anti-gay hate crime, according to a police department spokesman.
Two men walking near 3rd and Q streets NW were approached around 6:08 p.m. Sunday by three people, according to Metropolitan Police Department Officer Paul Metcalf. The three made anti-gay remarks before one [...]

Whole Lot Of Robbery Going On

WJLA reports that there have been at least 18 armed robberies since Monday—an abnormal spike— including one last night:

But Thursday night there was the 11th armed robbery Northwest DC has seen since Monday, a huge spike from normal.
Thursday morning, there were three other armed robberies in Northwest, including on Decatur Street, M Street not far [...]

The Needle: Driving While Expired Edition

You're Under Arrest: Turns out the people nabbed by police for driving around upper Northwest with expired license plates weren't the only ones caught in the District's law that allowed the practice. More than 3,400 drivers were arrested in the last two years for the same thing, with 256 people actually locked up; they just [...]

Vietnam Veterans of America Founder’s Home Searched For Pot

The founder of Vietnam Veterans of America has had his Ritz-Carlton dwelling tossed by cops looking for evidence of pot distribution after he allegedly sought to mail a package of marijuana at FedEx, according to recently filed police documents.
In papers filed this month in D.C. Superior Court, police say their search of the 23rd Street [...]

Photo: Asking For Directions

700 Block H Street, NW.  © 2011 Matt Dunn

The Needle: To Catch A TV Predator Edition

Don't Get Mad, Get Even: YouTube is already good for bringing fame and fortune to people, whether they deserve it or not. Now an Arlington man is hoping it's good for bringing justice, too. After someone took a TV he'd ordered online off his porch, Rob Richards posted surveillance video of the delivery and the heist [...]

A Tense Saturday for the Caribbean Parade

On Saturday, gunfire rang out near the corner of Georgia Avenue and Gresham Place NW, according to police, leaving four shot, and one man, Robert Foster, dead. The three other victims are hospitalized. The violence erupted at approximately 5:03 p.m., sometime after the nearby D.C. Caribbean Festival parade ended.
The day saw [...]

Did D.C. Cops Know How to Deal With Mt. Pleasant Standoff?

A bad day in Mt. Pleasant left Jean E. Louis dead. Louis was fatally shot Tuesday after a Metropolitan Police Department "Emergency Response Team" broke an hours-long standoff, and Louis lunged at an officer with a sharpened object, according to reports.
The episode raises, not for the first time, some questions about whether MPD [...]

Is Adams Morgan Getting Tougher?

Since some employees got jumped by guys in a red Camaro, and his business was burglarized, and there was a nearby stabbing, City Bikes owner Charlie McCormick has been trying to get the word out: his longtime neighborhood is getting ugly. In an email to Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham, he expressed a concern that "gangs [...]

Police Standoff on Mt. Pleasant Street

Heavily armed Metropolitan Police Department officers surrounded a building near Mt. Pleasant and Irving streets NW Tuesday afternoon, responding to what officials said was a "possible barricade situation." A man was reportedly barricaded in his apartment with a screwdriver or screwdrivers.
Washington City Paper contributor Stefanie Gans was nearby and took pictures of the standoff. View [...]

Don’t Touch My Package

Martha Stevenson likes to stay fashionable. But because of what she suspects is a lurking thief, that hasn't been easy of late, so she's thinking of setting up a trap.
It's been griped about on District neighborhood message boards for years now: Packages left out front by delivery drivers will sometimes vanish. Since moving to D.C. [...]

Would-Be Metro Bomber Caught in Sting

Federal authorities say a man from Virginia was attempting to help al-Qaeda operatives in a plot to bomb Metro stations. But from early indications, it doesn't look like the alleged bomber got very far into his plans before law enforcement tracked him down, and the only plotting he did was in response to instructions from [...]

Why Did Police Shoot a Dog in Adams Morgan?

A day after a Metropolitan Police Department officer shot and killed a dog during Adams Morgan Day, it's still not entirely clear exactly what happened during the incident.
Scott Fike, a 25-year veteran of the department, shot the dog, named Parrot, after intervening in an altercation between two dogs on 18th Street. Aaron Block, the 25-year old [...]

Montgomery County Cops Sniffing Out Your Public Park Marijuana

Thought you were clever setting up your pot-growing operation in a Maryland public park? Wrong. Cops are on your tail and ready to bust you just like they take down murderers and other horrible human beings. We didn't believe it until we saw this NBC Washington report that convinces us pot growers are destroying the [...]

So Was Anyone Arrested in Washington, D.C. for Illegal Fireworks?

On District listservs, there have been plenty of fireworks over this weekend's illegal fireworks. (Per D.C. law, "Firecrackers or fireworks that explode, such as cherry bombs, salutes, Roman candles, floral shells, and artillery shells," are banned.) Frank Fioriti, a resident of Ward 1, for instance, complained that as the nation celebrated victory over the British, [...]