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Cheap Seats Daily: FedExField Still Blows?

The Washington Post runs a Metro story about the fans who spend a day watching practice at Redskins Park. (Lemme quote Allen Iverson: "PRACTICE? We're talking PRACTICE?") One of the fans quoted in the piece is Peter Lalich. Though the story doesn't go into it, Lalich was the Everybody's-All-American kid from Springfield who was headed [...]

Plaxico Burress to Cop: “@&%# You,” Multiple Times

Late last week, the New York Giants released troubled wide receiver Plaxico Burress in what news accounts described as a very unexpected turn of events. The team, after all, had left the door open for Burress' return following a November incident in which his unregistered gun allegedly went off in a New York nightclub.
Perhaps [...]

Weekend in Review

The news for 'Skins fans is not just that your team has alienated Jason Campbell with its attempt to acquire Jay Cutler. It's also that Plaxico Burress could be there for the taking after he serves some kind of sentence on a gun possession charge in gun-unfriendly New York City. The New York Giants late [...]

Blagojevich Taps Plaxico Burress for Senate Seat

Over the objections of President-elect Barack Obama and the Democratic leadership in Congress, embattled Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich has chosen Plaxico Burress to replace Obama in the United States Senate.
The selection of Burress, the New York Giants’ star wide receiver who faces criminal charges after accidentally shooting himself in the leg last month, took lawmakers [...]