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Brightest Young Things Fires Serial Plagiarist Managing Editor

Brightest Young Things boss Svetlana Legetic didn't seem to get what the big deal was Tuesday when Logan Donaldson, her site's managing editor, was caught repeatedly plagiarizing articles, including large chunks of BYT's spring and summer music guide.
Legetic wrote in an email that she wouldn't ask Donaldson to resign, and lamented that the plagiarism coverage was overshadowing the [...]

Even More Plagiarism From Brightest Young Things

What's going on at D.C. lifestyle site Brightest Young Things? Just hours after managing editor Logan Donaldson was caught plagiarizing in the site's spring and summer music guide—and had the allegations shrugged off by site founder Svetlana Legetic—there's new evidence that this isn't the staff's first brush with stealing copy.
Donaldson's March 15 story on the [...]

Brightest Young Things Editor Accused of Plagiarism

Buzzy Washington arts website Brightest Young Things has been hit with a plagiarism scandal in its spring and summer music guide.
Blurbs attributed to Brightest Young Things managing editor Logan Donaldson were actually lifted from music websites, Rolling Stone, the British Telegraph, and even Wikipedia, according to American University student and former controversial NPR intern Emily [...]

Jack Shafer Throws Maureen Dowd a Bone on Plagiarism

Colleague Mike Riggs has already noted a few wrinkles in the Maureen Dowd-Josh Marshall plagiarism incident.
Putting it bluntly, Riggs says: "Dowd stole some shit and admitted it." Fair enough.
In Slate, Jack Shafer has an uncharacteristically mellow view of the proceedings. After chiding, "Bad, Dowd, bad—deserving of hard time in a pillory!," Shafer proceeds to exonerate [...]