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Logan Circle Robbery Video Taken Off YouTube

The YouTube clip of a Logan Circle robbery that we've all been gawking at this week has been taken down. The Metropolitan Police Department had posted the security camera footage of two men being robbed while they dined al fresco at Pizzoli's Pizzeria on 12th Street NW on its YouTube channel, racking up more than 24,000 views and [...]

Congress: Make Pizza a Vegetable!

Congress continues its race to the bottom:
If you put nutritious broccoli and kale on top of a chocolate-glazed donut, can the concoction be considered equivalent to a vegetable serving?
This is the same logic that Congress is about to incorporate into a new law as it gets ready to vote on legislation that would, among other things, [...]

Neighborhood Watch: In Eckington, Do You Want Fries—and Bulletproof Glass—With That?

The Issue: Bloomingdale Eckington residents can now find pizza instead of hot wings at the intersection of North Capitol Street and Florida Avenue NE—but they still have to order through bulletproof glass. New York Pizza recently decided to retain the glass after taking over the building from Kentucky Fried Chicken. But some residents are tired of [...]

Georgetown Residents Peeved by Pizza Place After-Party

The Issue: What should be done about raucous revelers and their search for drunken munchies?  Last Tuesday, the 2E Advisory Neighborhood Commission met with the owner of Philadelphia Pizza Company to discuss the antics of the late-night bar crowd—which consists largely of Georgetown Students—that gathers on Potomac Street NW for pizza. Georgetown residents complain that [...]

Woman Bites Teen; Pizza to Blame

Perhaps this is Dewey crime at its most essential: several teenagers mobbing a 40-year-old woman inside a very crowded Mama Celeste’s, slipping on slices of pizza, mashing cheese fries into the floor. The most serious injury? An 18-year-old girl with bite marks in her forehead.

Jim Graham: I Am Not Trying to Abolish the Jumbo Slice!

LL just got off the phone with a nearly manic Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham. Manic, because he says that he's being unfairly deemed a pizza-banning legislator by a local TV station.
"I have been in media for 30 years, and there's never been a more preposterous story than this one," he says.
When WJLA-TV trained his [...]

Top That!

Each Sunday at my home is homemade pizza night. This past week, a family member asked for an unorthodox topping.


News & Observer Editor Rescinds Two-Slice Limit for Election Reporters

Times are tough in newsrooms across the nation. How tough? According to a memo sent to Jim Romenesko at, it almost came to this for election-night reporters at the News & Observer in Raleigh, N.C.:
From: "Susan Spring"
Date: November 3, 2008 11:46:07 AM EST
To: [Raleigh News & Observer staff]
Subject: Pizza etiquette
I want to remind you [...]