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Unobstructed View: Pigskins Fans Lend a Hand to the Man Behind Chief Zee

Bailout to the chief

Pigskins Shame Spiral: Bernie Sanders Wants to Change the Name, Natch

Native Americans face "appalling levels of inequality and systematic injustice," Sanders said.

Unobstructed View: Will The New Pigskins Stadium Be a Good Place to Watch Football?

The stadium will be something halfway between a translucent circus tent and a prototype building designed to make people write columns about how idiotic it is.

Pigskins Shame Spiral: Millennials, People of Color Want Team Name Change

Younger, diverse NFL fans want the name to change.

Pigskins Shame Spiral: Even America’s Ex-Colonizers Think the Team Name Is Wrong

"This is not the way we would want Native Americans introduced to our country."

Unobstructed View: Taking the Local Out of Local Radio

In the weeks before the Super Bowl, nothing is worse than local radio stations broadcasting from Radio Row.

Majority of D.C. Voters Favor Stadium at RFK, But Issue Gets Complicated Fast

Using public funds is less popular.

The D.C. Poll: District Voters on Pot, Minimum Wage, Football, and More

Plus: D.C. voters weigh in on a football stadium in D.C., naloxone, FreshPAC, and more.

Unobstructed View: Let RGIII Go. Please.

I don't understand why people are still this interested in Griffin.

Unobstructed View: Kirk Cousins Is Like the New Star Wars

Hopefully, this playoff run is something more 1983 and less 1999.

Pigskins Reportedly Pick Architect to Design New Stadium—But Where Will It Go?

The team has reportedly picked the firm that designed the National Building Museum maze.

Unobstructed View: 8 Questions About the Pigskins Ahead of the NFL Playoffs

Do you bench Cousins for Sunday's regular season finale? What should we expect in the first round?

Unobstructed View: Expectations Rise and Fall in D.C. Sports

It's tough to shake the focus on past successes, past failures, expired trends, and dated impressions.

Unobstructed View: Legal Battle Illustrates How Ridiculous NFL Team’s Name Actually Is

What's not in a name

John Oliver, Aziz Ansari Mock Washington Football Team Name

"This is my pitch for what they should change their name to: the Washington Breadsticks."