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Pho 75 Has Washington’s Sassiest Website

Restaurant websites are usually terrible, with slow-loading menus and auto-playing MIDIs. But Pho 75 in Arlington takes a different approach. Rather than have a website with "information" on it, the cafeteria-style restaurant opts for a Tumblr that is mainly used to settle scores.
For example, asking about appetizer options earns a tough response (emphasis added).

The Needle: Leslie Knope on D.C.

Train in Vain: Councilmember Jack Evans promises that Metro will be open for spectators leaving late-night Nats games, but he's mum on who's footing the bill. -3
Hollywood on the Potomac: Apparently, those Parks & Recreation scenes filmed in Washington this summer paid off. In one episode, character Leslie Knope, played by Amy Poehler, describes Washington [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Pho Edition

City Renewed reports that Dupont Circle is getting two green restaurants. Before you get excited, one of them is (another) yogurt shop.
The 42 wonders if it's possible to feel claustrophobic in a wide-open space. The writer experienced serious Cherry Blossom gridlock: "Just looking at the gridlocked car (and baby stroller) traffic around me was enough [...]