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Ex-Redskin Phillip Daniels Trying to Rig Prep Player Poll?

Former Redskins d-lineman Phillip Daniels has built up tons of goodwill over at ExtremeSkins, the club-owned message board, by regularly posting alongside the hoi polloi both when he was with the team and even since he got cut last preseason.
Now he wants something in return.
Daniels, who now lists his hometown as Chicago, went on the [...]

Proof That Haynesworth Is the Latest Victim of Dan Snyder’s Hate Machine?

Over at Dan Snyder's message board,, a wiseacre recently reposted an old article from going over players' gripes about offseason workouts at Redskins Park. The gripiest quotes came from defensive lineman Phillip Daniels.
"I was a better player when I was doing my own thing," Daniels said after the 2006 season. "When guys have [...]