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Woman Allegedly Assaulted at Petworth Station: Metro Transit Police ‘Didn’t Ask if I Needed Help’

"I don't remember Metro being as unsafe as it has been in the last six months or so."

20 of Our Favorite Things the Prince of Petworth Has Said

“This blog is not meant to be comedy. It is meant to be a window upon my soul. Thus the doors.”

Modernized Roosevelt High School to Feature Dual-Language Program, Global Focus

"I'd like for the students to marinate in their thinking."

WUSA9 Van Robbed in Allegedly Sketchy Neighborhood Had $600 Louis Vuitton Wallet, $3,500 Chanel Bag

Call it irony, or call it bad karma, or simply call it lousy luck. But a WUSA9 crew is out thousands of dollars after it tried reporting last Friday on an offensively stupid new app that crowdsources information from users to determine which neighborhoods and streets are "sketchy" and presumably should be avoided.
Not far into Friday, the [...]

The Needle: House of ZZZZZZ

Reality Bites: A House of Cards veteran is reportedly developing a reality show based on D.C. "up-and-comers," including Hill staffers between the ages of 19 and 29.  -3
Dirty Talk: The blog Stop Requested takes Young & Hungry's latest column about having sex in D.C. bathrooms one step further, imagining what how conversations in said bathrooms could [...]

The Needle: Fall’s Falling Snow

SNOWPOCALYPSE: Temperatures are expected to be 20 degrees below normal tomorrow, and there's a chance we could see snowflakes flying in the sky. -4
Giving Thanks: Veterans were honored in ceremonies throughout the District today. +10

Scandal-Frenzied Brits Declare Petworth a Suburb

Oi, guvna'! The news that David Petraeus mistress Paula Broadwell is laying low in Mount Pleasant has crossed the pond, with the United Kingdom's Daily Mail joining in the press frenzy around Broadwell.
But the Brits (or the Americans working for them) might want to take a look at a map the next time they cover [...]

Uber Promo Deals Expanding Exponentially

Everybody wants a piece of cause célèbre cab service Uber. Fresh from  signing deals to carry passengers to the National Journal's convention parties and José Andrés’s restaurants for reduced fares, Uber has inked with another titan of its respective industry: the Petworth farmers market.
"We've been so impressed with [Uber], we've teamed up to provide the [...]

Photo: Girl with Balloon

3700 Block Georgia Ave, NW.  © 2012 Matt Dunn

The Needle: Downward Zoning Dog Edition

Yoga District: As readers of the Washington Post know, yoga is increasingly popular among D.C.'s gentrifying class. So you can almost hear thousands of myopic little twit types breathing a sigh of relief now that the city's Zoning Commission has moved to eliminate an odd quirk that made it illegal to operate a yoga studio [...]

Backlash Over Parking Meters In Petworth

Petworthies takes note of new parking meters outside of the Yes! Organic Market at Georgia Avenue and Taylor Street NW.
It’s apparently part of a citywide move to install 1,150 solar-powered single-space meters in areas that are picked for their high-turnover (read: revenue generating) potential — although the Taylor Street spots are not highlighted on the PDF [...]

Park View Strikes Back

Not everyone north of Park Road is a fan of Petworthies, a new Tumblr that's been stirring things up on Twitter and sparring with other neighborhood blogs. Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner Kent Boese, who represents Park View, just south of Petworth, writes to critique the site and defend his constituents' turf:
As a resident of Park View, I [...]

Q&A With The Creators of “Petworthies”

Petworth has a snarky new blog: Petworthies. We chatted with the writers Tom Anderson (a Washington City Paper contributor) and Adam Mazmanian about their vision, their imaginary mascot, the "dull boosterism" of some other local blogs, and what nearby neighborhoods Petworth should lay claim to.
Q: Why did you decide to start a neighborhood blog?
Tom: I'm living [...]

Photo: Friday Night, Lights and Sky

Upshur Street NW, September 9

When Is A Story About Gentrification Not About Gentrification?

TBD’s Ryan Kearney complains that Adam Serwer’s recent piece for The American Prospect is a “how-to” on writing a story about gentrification. Kearney takes issue with Serwer’s description of changes that have happened in Petworth, like organic groceries and farmer’s markets, calling it “a tiring litany of gentrification signifiers.” 
To be sure, Serwer treads familiar ground, [...]