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Petworth Shootouts – Possibly Gang Related – Spark More Recriminations Over Defunct Crime Bill

Good morning readers. And, while I have your attention, let me take a minute to join the long list of public officials and say: I’m very saddened by the Metro crash. Condolences all around. But, jeesh, it’s not the only thing to go down Monday night.
Petworth residents are perturbed by a possible new round of [...]

Our Morning Roundup: The Quiet Before the Petworth Storm

Good morning, City Desk readers. Your news:

Yesterday on the MPD-4D listserv, Petworth residents tossed around the idea that the wave of violence had come to an end (or that everyone who cared had moved away), but it looks like they spoke too soon. Police are now looking for a black pick-up truck that shot at [...]

Safe and Computer among Items Recovered in Spevak Investigation

In conjunction with the investigation into the murder of Michael and Virginia Spevak, ABC 7 reports that D.C. Police discovered a safe and computer during yesterday's search of the backyard and alley behind 622 Ingraham St. NW.
A neighbor also found a charred ID belonging to Dr. Spevak in the alley.
Inspector Rodney Parks, addressing the press [...]

Evidence in Spevak Case Found at 622 Ingraham

This afternoon in the backyard of 622 Ingraham Street NW, police found evidence relating to the murder of Michael and Virginia Spevak . The house is less than twenty yards from the spot where the Spevaks' blue 2005 Scion was torched in the early hours of Sunday morning.
Officers have brought in four of the [...]

The Politico’s Ben Smith Missed the Boat on Petworth Violence

AMENDMENT: City Paper's Ted Scheinman rightly points out that a serious crime occurred two hours before the All Hands on Deck effort was supposed to wrap up, and not two blocks from the MPD's Kennedy Street efforts: The burning of a car that may be a significant piece of evidence in the Chevy Chase murder. [...]

Double Homicide in 5300 Block of Belt Road, NW; Victims’ Car Torched in Petworth

Police are mounting a full-scale investigation after the brutal murder last night of an elderly couple in Chevy Chase, D.C.
The victims, identified as Dr. Michael Spevak and Virginia Spevak, had been bound and brutalized after an apparent break-in. Their car—a 2005 blue Toyota Scion—was discovered this morning around 5 a.m. in the 500 block [...]

Police Checkpoints in Petworth

Washington City Paper had heard from various readers that the MPD was setting up checkpoints in Petworth, and as of this evening can now verify two checkpoints, which the MPD conducted under the guise of  "community outreach efforts" tonight for an hour at the intersections of Kennedy & 7th and Kennedy & 1st streets. Around [...]

Morning Roundup: The Shooting We Missed

Good morning, District denizens! And now, the news:

Lt. James A. Cullen posted on the MDP-4D listserv that the 17 year old who was shot while near the 700 block of Decatur St. NW was treated and released from the hospital. Cullen also said that a "white Lexus sedan" may have been involved in the incident. [...]

Another Petworth Shooting: Illinois and Decatur, NW

A few minutes after 11 p.m. tonight, a young woman was shot in the 700 block of Decatur Street, NW.
The victim sustained injuries to her left arm and is not in in critical condition, police say. She is seventeen years old.
Police tape also demarcated a house at the intersection of 7th and Emerson Streets [...]

City Paper in the News

WUSA Channel 9 reported live from Petworth last night, interviewing concerned citizens as well as City Paper's own Ted Scheinman about recent neighborhood violence. (Scheinman and Jason Cherkis reported from Petworth here, here, and here). Lest anything be taken out of context, Scheinman warns, "City Paper sort of comes across as cop haters. Which [...]

MPD Fourth District Headquarters: a Night at the Round Table

Last night at 6:45 p.m., Keith Jarrell convened a neighborhood round table at MPD fourth district headquarters to discuss the Petworth shootings with high-ranking police officials. Chief of Police Cathy Lanier, Councilmembers Muriel Bowser and Phil Mendelson, and Lieutenant Will Manlapaz of the homicide unit addressed a packed room of concerned citizens in an [...]

Why Should You Watch Tonight’s WUSA News at 11?

Because they'll probably be airing some repurposed City Desk footage, alongside an interview with me.
No promises.  But tune in to find out.

Watch: CP Staffers Meet A Pit Bull

At the Yum's on Kennedy, we set up shop last night to film patrons on the recent Petworth shootings. Things were going just fine. It was after 11 p.m.
Then a lady came running towards us. She had a warning for us.
Something about a dog on the loose.
She ran into the Yum's. We saw the dog—a [...]

Watch: Petworth Residents React To Shootings

Last night, we interviewed a number of Petworth residents about this past weekend's series of shootings. We've been covering it a lot. So we thought we should take the video camera out and talk to real people. We hit 8th and Crittenden and interviewed two residents who provided some interesting details surrounding the shootings:
Trouble viewing? [...]

Watch: CP Staffers On Cop Stakeout!

This past weekend, a series of shootings rattled Petworth. There was a shooting on Marlboro Place causing multiple injuries. A fatal shooting at Georgia and Allison. And a burst of gunfire at 8th and Crittenden (only a bunch of cars were shot up). It provoked a promise from D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier of [...]