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DCPS Slams WaPo Column on School Absence Policy as Misleading and Inaccurate

Kaya Henderson vs. Petula Dvorak

Washington Post Ombudsman: Doggy Daycare Bites Woman

Often, when I'm performing my self-appointed ombudsman duties around town, people ask, "Will, what do you think of the Post's Metro columnists?" Or they would, if anyone talked about the Post's Metro columnists.
That's the problem with the Metro roster: It's boring. Just about the only times their columns are any good are when they give readers [...]

Sidwell Friends: Plagued with Young Political Bullies?

Washington Quaker school Sidwell Friends is so prestigious, even the Obama daughters go there. But is it also a breeding ground for the next generation of political bullies?
The evidence suggests yes! Washington Post columnist Petula Dvorak's article today features a letter that was sent to parents of students in the Lower School of an unnamed, [...]

Petula Dvorak Spoils the Women-in-Strip-Clubs Fun

Is the rush of straight women going to D.C. strip clubs girly fun or, like so much else about strip clubs, depressing as hell? The debate continues at the Washington Post.
The case for the former was made last week in a story about Stadium Club's increasing popularity with women. But today, Post columnist Petula [...]

The Needle: The Teddy Curse

Bar Rescue Does Not Disappoint: Remember when floundering Silver Spring bar Piratz Tavern went on Spike's Bar Rescue for a corporate makeover, but then decided to return to the high seas? I finally got around to watching the episode last night, and it is bananas. You can watch it here. +4
Men Are From Mars, Women Are [...]

First Non-Ironic Use of “Hate-Chicken” Reported

Following Sally Quinn's first crack at Chick-fil-A, Post columnist Petula Dvorak has finally gotten around to the chain's gay marriage controversy and found a scoop: Someone other than Mayor Vince Gray and his Twitter minions actually says "hate-chicken." And not as a joke about Vince Gray!
Dvorak's discovery comes during the kind of well-spoken, anonymous party whence her [...]

The Post’s Petula Dvorak, Parking Scofflaw

Fresh off a compelling article about gay adoption in D.C., Petula Dvorak, the Post's most uneven columnist, returns today to the topic she loves most but finds the least success with: herself.
Apparently, Dvorak's car was towed while she tried to pick up furniture from Craigslist, which inspired her to investigate predatory towing in the suburbs. [...]

The Needle: Sushi Rat

Treat Yo' Self: NBC's Parks and Recreation will be filming some scenes for its new season in the District next week. Locations include the White House, the Lincoln Memorial,  and the Newseum, where, undoubtedly, Amy Poehler will see a copy of the Pawnee Journal in the museum's collection of front pages from across the nation and [...]

The Needle: Rector Rebuffed

UVa President Back: With a unanimous vote, the University of Virginia's Board of Visitors reinstated President Teresa Sullivan today. Earlier, Petula Dvorak wondered whether Sullivan's ouster has attracted attention because she is facing off against another prominent woman, university rector Helen Dragas: "Is it just the woman-on-woman smackdown that makes us all keeping tuning in?" [...]

The Needle: Free the Rocket

Hot Town, Summer in the City: The summer heat is back, starting tomorrow. The temperature on Thursday is expected to hit 98 degrees. -8

Never Mind The Weather

Gather 'round, because we're about to talk about the weather. The Post's Petula Dvorak writes a typically meandering column about missing snow:
The skis are leaning against the wall, forlorn, cornered by the bikes.
The tulip bulbs are popping up in January, the Occupiers stayed outside way longer than anyone thought they could.
And the only thing sliding on [...]

Not So Fast There, Childless Gen Xers

First, Post columnist Petula Dvorak says that 43 percent of Gen X women (the cohort of folks ages 33-46) didn't have babies because they chose not to have babies:
Attribute it to more opportunities in the workforce, relaxing social pressure, advances in contraception or watching women such as myself slip into an increasingly disheveled state of [...]

Petula Dvorak Plays the Mommy Card

Petula Dvorak thinks Erik Wemple's "criticism of [her] 'mommy track columnizing'" in this week's Best of D.C. issue "illuminates one of the deep cultural rifts of our time."

Morning Roundup: The ‘Ship Your Pot FedEx to a Former Federal Prosecutor’ Edition; Plus: It’s Friday!

Good morning, Friday! After work today, it's the weekend! Thank you, labor unions!
Have you heard the one about the fake 140-year-old hot dog?
How Batman kicked Superman's ass? ("Holy ass-kicking, Batman!")
You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video
How pot dealers prefer FedEx to UPS ("I mean, if you absolutely, positively have to [...]

Morning Roundup: Suck It, Chris Matthews Edition

CHRIS MATTHEWS PLAYED HARDBALL last night with the District, pounding Fenty like back-to-back snowstorms. D.C., said Matthews, has "the weather of Buffalo with the snowplowing capability of Miami." LL dispatched Matthews nicely last night; for a more nuanced take check out yesterday's Kojo NnamdeNnamdi, on which I heard DDOT head Gabe Klein remind people that [...]