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Defending Pershing Park Cost D.C. Millions

On Sept. 27, 2002, the Metropolitan Police Department rounded up hundreds of citizens inside Pershing Park. They then arrested them and detained them. For those hours and hours in police custody, these citzens were hogtied. And as soon as the last person was released—the city dropped all charges against everyone in this case—everyone knew that [...]

Pershing Park Case: Charles Ramsey Enters The Evidence Hall of Fame

Last week, it was announced that former Metropolitan Police Department Chief Charles Ramsey will be inducted into the inaugural class of George Mason University's Evidence-Based Policing Hall of Fame. George Mason's version of a policing Cooperstown hailed the former chief with a lengthy bio, concluding on its website:
"A nationally recognized innovator, educator and practitioner of [...]

Judge Orders Investigation Into Pershing Park Evidence

At today's hearing concerning Pershing Park, U.S. District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan ordered an investigation into the long-standing discovery abuses in the case. Legal Times reports:
"Calling the District of Columbia's alleged destruction of evidence in a long-running civil suit against the city 'very troubling,' a federal district judge in Washington today appointed a magistrate judge [...]

Pershing Park Case: Ex-Chief Ramsey Sought Judicial Chaperone For Upcoming Deposition

During his tenure as police chief, Charles H. Ramsey faced countless challenges from coordinating an emergency response on 9/11 to helping to track down the D.C. Sniper. Of course, his job had other lower profile responsibilities like crime fighting and answering then-Councilmember Kathy Patterson's tough questioning.
So what can this veteran cop not handle?
Being deposed (again) [...]

Pershing Park Case: D.C. Police Captain Testifies Ramsey Gave Arrest Order

In a recent public filing, plaintiffs lawyers in the last remaining Pershing Park case provide additional evidence showing that then-Chief Charles Ramsey issued the order to mass arrest the 400 individuals on Sept. 27, 2002. All those arrests were promptly thrown out by city lawyers. More than seven years later, the arrests remain a huge [...]

Pershing Park Case: Who Wrote That False Affidavit?

One of the big mysteries in the Pershing Park case centers around the gaps in the radio dispatches during the mass arrests on Sept. 27, 2002. Plaintiffs lawyers have long argued in U.S. District Court that the tapes turned over by the District contained gaps at the crucial time of the arrests.
When 400 individuals are [...]

Pershing Park Case: District Employee Admits They Destroyed Evidence

In their probe of the discovery abuses, plaintiffs lawyers in one of the  Pershing Park cases may have found new evidence of alleged criminal conduct by District employees. In early February, a District employee admitted in deposition that they destroyed materials at the order of their supervisor, according to court records.
Plaintiffs lawyers in the Chang [...]

Pershing Park Case: Let’s Go To The Videotape!

On Feb. 8, plaintiffs in the last remaining Pershing Park case filed a request that would broaden the scope of the U.S. District Court's inquiry into the case's discovery abuse. Plaintiffs attorneys are asking the judge to look into the alleged issues with the D.C. Police Department's video coverage of the mass arrests at Pershing [...]

Pershing Park Case: District Witness Pleads Ignorance

Talk about sending the lamb to the slaughterhouse. On January 7, Office of Unified Communications employee Denise Alexander sat down for a deposition in the last remaining Pershing Park case. Let's just say she was ill-prepared for any questioning.
But first a little background on Alexander:  Two years ago, she had submitted an affidavit [PDF] swearing [...]

Pershing Park Case: Another Police Official Heard Ramsey Order Arrests

A few months ago, Det. Paul Hustler came forward and stated in his sworn affidavit that he had heard D.C. Police Chief Charles H. Ramsey give the order to arrest the 400 individuals in Pershing Park on Sept. 27, 2002. The testimony had contradicted the former chief's sworn-statements in which he denied ordering the arrests.
Ramsey [...]

Pershing Park Case: Ramsey’s Attorney Asks For Thousands In Fees

"As I walked closer, about five or six feet away from them, I heard Chief Ramsey say, 'We're going to lock them up and teach them a lesson.'"
This quote taken from Det. Paul Hustler's affidavit filed in mid-November in the Pershing Park case didn't just contradict former Chief Charles Ramsey's previous testimony that he did [...]

Washington City Paper’s 10 New Year’s Resolutions: Nos. 1 and 2

Successful individuals ring in the New Year with a set of resolutions that lay out upgrades to behavior and personality. Successful organizations must do the same, and that's where Washington City Paper's 2010 New Year's resolutions come in. Though we did some good things in 2009—including the feat of continuing to exist—there's so much more [...]

Pershing Park Case: Peter Nickles Continues To Fight Discovery

In a recent hearing in the Pershing Park case, Judge Emmet Sullivan warned D.C. Attorney General Peter Nickles that he "was playing games with the wrong judge."
In a filing last week [PDF], plaintiffs lawyers suggest Nickles is not taking Sullivan's threat seriously.  Lawyers in the Chang case assert that the crafty AG is still playing [...]

Pershing Park Case: Bring On The Forensic Examiner

In this morning's hearing in U.S. District Court, Judge Emmet Sullivan edged ever closer to referring the Pershing Park case to the Department of Justice—signaling he's close to handing the matter over to Attorney General Eric Holder.
But first, Sullivan wants to order up one more investigative tool at his disposal: some serious tech support.
Following up [...]

Remaining Pershing Park Plaintiffs Amp Up Legal Case

For D.C. Attorney General Peter Nickles, Pershing Park isn't over. Though the city's top lawyer had just settled a big lawsuit with 400 plaintiffs over the mass arrests that took place on Sept. 27, 2002, there is another, more stubborn suit sitting out there.
Attorneys in the Chang case represent just four plaintiffs. But these [...]