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Morning Roundup: Now That’s a Situation Edition

Good morning! Happy hump day! Wednesdays are always good.
Today’s high of 91 calls for tanning oil and rebellion against work–it seems we’ve plopped in the middle of summer. I thought April was for showers? But hey, can’t complain, aside from the deadly pollen infestation that's coated my car.
Yesterday was the first funeral service held for [...]

Snowpocalypse Skiing Conditions: Excellent Kick, Great Glide

Anyone paying to ski today is a sucker. In D.C., the snow is falling at a consistent clip; on the streets it's not too slick, and in many places nicely packed. The only problem? No ski lifts.
So it didn't surprise me to see Washingtonians skiing past my Dupont apartment all day, about two or three [...]