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The Needle: Super Moon Edition

Peaceoholics Anonymous: The District's attorney general is suing Adrian Fenty-favored gang intervention group Peaceoholics for more than $600,000, alleging that the nonprofit's leaders understated their salaries on tax paperwork. +/-0
King Tide and Super Moon: Not the names of sumo wrestlers, it turns out! The moon will be full almost when its orbit is at its [...]

Peaceoholics: The Movie?

It's an alluring tale of power and intrigue, so it's weird that it's taken this long for someone to think up shooting a flick about the rise and fall of the Peaceoholics.
American University graduate student Michael Lindley says he and colleague Anthony Greene, of local indie film production company Silent Code Features, are ready to [...]

No Fenty Means Debt for Peaceoholics

The post-Fenty fortunes of anti-violence group Peaceoholics continue to decline. They’re under investigation by Ward 7 Councilmember Yvette Alexander, and now, with funds they used to get from the District dried up, they’re in more than $28,000 of credit card debt, according to court records.
BB&T Financial filed a lawsuit in December alleging that Peaceoholics owed [...]

Ron Moten Is Still Out There

Back in October, Ron Moten seemed to be sounding a warning: Après Moten, Le Déluge. After Moten, the flood.
That was when, after years of getting ample funding from the administrations of Mayor Anthony Williams and Mayor Adrian Fenty, it was apparent money would be drying up for Peaceoholics, the anti-gang group [...]

Après Moten, Le Déluge?

Ron Moten says trouble is coming. "A lot of the our money has been cut,"  says the outspoken co-founder of the anti-gang group Peaceoholics. Moten says the cuts bode badly for the District: "We get results. Whenever something happens, who are you going to call?"
It's a prediction he's made before. To hear Moten [...]

Time Running Out for Peaceoholics?

An ongoing zoning battle in Ward 8 between Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner Sandra “S.S.” Seegars and the Peaceoholics continued raging this week.
The ANC Seegars chairs, 8E, filed a motion with the Board of Zoning Adjustments on behalf of three residents—Brian Townes, Tonette Sivells and Shayla Edgerton—trying to stop Peaceoholics from developing a building they own on [...]

Cocaine Blues: Loose Lips Daily

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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT—"World Cup Roundup," "Another O.J. Simpson Expert to Appear At Wone Trial," "District Unemployment Rate Drops," "Kojo: 'What's With The Hatred of [...]

Broke and Battle-Scarred, D.C.’s Guardian Angels Scrounge for Cash

The D.C. Guardian Angels have put out a call via email for more members and donations.
The citizen crime fighters are revving up to, among other things, continue patrolling Metro this summer.
As founding member John Ayala points out in an email, riders could certainly use the safeguarding:
"In the month of May, there was a 17 yr [...]

Phil Mendelson Gets An Earful at Ward 8 Public Safety Forum

The crowd outside Covenant Baptist Church in Congress Heights last night seemed none too friendly toward Councilmember Phil Mendelson, organizer of the evening's community meeting on public safety.
Clark Ray, who is challenging Mendelson for his at-large council seat, and his campaign team greeted all of the meeting's attendees with a targeted flier: "Another election year meeting in Ward [...]

Endorsing The Fake Don Peebles: Loose Lips Daily

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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT—"Prosecutor: Wone Suspects 'Did It For The Family,'" "Defense: Cops Prejudiced Against Wone Suspects"
Howdy. A big day in D.C. Superior Court with the start of [...]

Seegars Strikes Back at Peaceoholics

Southeast D.C. Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner  Sandra "SS" Seegars fired yet another volley Friday in her ongoing feud with the nonprofit Peaceoholics organization.
Seegars put out a press release demanding that the group, which aims to turn at-risk youths away from violence, be investigated for taking three teens wanted by authorities away on a recent Maryland retreat.
The teens, who were being sought for [...]

Going To The Mat Over Taxes: Loose Lips Daily

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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT—"Is There Still Room For Seniors At The New 15th and U?," "Peaceoholics Took Betts Suspects On Retreat," "Disc Jockeys Irk Desk [...]

Peaceoholics Took Betts Suspects on Retreat

Peaceoholics co-founder Ron Moten is denying allegations that his nonprofit group harbored three youths now suspected of murdering middle school principal Brian Betts.
The three teens–Sharif Lancaster, Deontra Gray, and Alante Saunders–had attended a Maryland retreat sponsored by Moten's organization, which aims to turn at-risk youths away from violence.
At the time of the retreat, which took [...]

Meet Ron Moten, Aspiring Media Mogul

Attention D.C. politicos: Ronald Moten is out of the beef-squashing business.
The Peaceoholics honcho, for years called on by politicos far and wide to do gang interventions and conflict resolution, has moved on to his next project: media entrepreneur.
His outlet, launching today, is called OtherSide Magazine. Get it? If not, here's the publication's tagline: "Every Story [...]

Our Morning Roundup: How Was Your Drive To Work?

WaPo thinks the real test for Mayor Adrian Fenty comes right now during your morning commute. He's already failed mine. While I haven't walked to WCP headquarters just yet, I can bet that the last bit of sidewalk on Mount Pleasant Street hasn't been cleared nor has the mucky stretch of park nor the bus [...]