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The Needle: Panda Power Edition

Pandas Stay Put: People think of the District as a transient place, but the dirty little secret of most people who move here for work is that once they arrive, they find they kind of like it. And they stick around (just ask former Sen. Byron Dorgan, who recently signed up with a D.C. law [...]

LL Video: Inside Mara HQ

LL shot some video Tuesday night, first at Patrick Mara's campaign HQ, then at Carol Schwartz central, before heading down to the Board of Elections and Ethics for the late-night voting fiasco.
Let's begin with the Mara video, shot early in the evening before results came in. By 8:15 p.m., several dozen had gathered at Mara [...]

Politicians on Bikes

TheWashCycle, which is really just the greatest thing, put questions to Council candidates about bike policy. Here are the people who responded (links when I could find them):

Jack Evans
Cary Silverman
Muriel Bowser
Baruti Jahi

And here are the lame-o's who didn't:

Patrick Mara
Carol Schwartz
Yvette Alexander
Marion Barry
Charles Wilson

And here is the candidate whose e-mail box was too full to receive [...]