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D.C. Marijuana Etiquette, Explained by Sally Quinn

The Washington Post article on the etiquette of Washington marijuana smoking didn't just lack a certain sense of perspective. It was also missing the paper's most prominent party-thrower and ex-magicdoer, Sally Quinn. How can you talk about Washington etiquette without bringing her in—especially when it means a chance to ask Sally Quinn about getting high?
As [...]

Throwing a Virgin-Sacrificing Party Is Hard

Earlier this month, a Craigslist ad tried to recruit virgins to pose as end-of-the-world party props. But throwing a virgin-sacrificing Mayan calendar bash isn't all fun. In fact, judging by emails from the party planner, it actually sounds like a lot of hard work.
First of all, beggars can't exactly be choosers. And if you're hiring "virgins" [...]

Reliable Source: “Waiting For the Fun to Start”

Since Amy Argetsinger works as one-half of the Washington Post's "Reliable Source" team, people tend to think she's been to every party in town. Impossible.
Take last night, for example. Argetsinger hit a "Hollywood-tinged" event over in Georgetown. That was fine, but then it was time to head over to the Illinois gala at the [...]