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Parkmobile Waves the White Flag on Fees

When pay-by-phone street parking contractor Parkmobile accused Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin of promoting legislation that increased its fees last, it inadvertently created Washington's least likely feud. But now, Parkmobile's giving up.
"In an attempt to explain why costs have increased the company left the potentially confusing impression that Federal legislation is to blame," Parkmobile executive vice [...]

Dick Durbin Wants Vince Gray to Admit Durbin’s Not Responsible for Parkmobile Fees

Parkmobile, the company that allows Washington drivers to pay for Washington street parking by phone, raised its transaction rates a couple cents yesterday, attributing the increase on Dodd-Frank banking legislation and Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin's Durbin Amendment to the bill.
That didn't sit well with Durbin, who sent Parkmobile CEO Albert Bogaard an open letter this afternoon [...]

D.C. Parking System Parkmobile Raises Rates, Creates a Cheaper One

Parkmobile, the pay-by-phone street-parking app that scored City Paper's 2012 pick for best attempted fleecing of locals, is about to get a little bit fleecier. In an email to D.C. users today, the company announced that it has to increase its transaction fees from $0.32 to $0.45.
Parkmobile's blaming the change on the Dodd-Frank legislation, which [...]