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Parking Prices in D.C. Could Soon Be Based on Supply and Demand

DDOT is launching the pilot program in Penn Quarter and Chinatown.

Here’s Where You Shouldn’t Park During the Snowstorm

For the first time since 2010, the District government will declare a snow emergency Wednesday at 6:30 p.m., Mayor Vince Gray told reporters this morning. That means cars parked on snow emergency routes will be towed and incur heavy fines and fees—$375 minimum.
So where shouldn't you leave your car when the flakes start to fall? This [...]

Streets in Hill East Get Barricaded During Police Standoff, and Neighbors Get Parking Tickets Anyway

D.C.'s ornery Parking Enforcement rankled some Hill East residents this morning when a parking officer issued tickets to cars parked in a street cleaning zone—right as the street reopened after being closed for about 10 hours during a police standoff in a nearby apartment.
Police went to serve a warrant to a man living in the [...]

The Needle: Baditude Edition

Plated: Still want to show your undying love for the Washington Nationals, even though they were just swept at home in somewhat embarrassing fashion by the Atlanta Braves, who now have a basically insurmountable lead in the division the Nats won last year? Try these official team license plates, available in the District now and [...]

Dick Durbin Wants Vince Gray to Admit Durbin’s Not Responsible for Parkmobile Fees

Parkmobile, the company that allows Washington drivers to pay for Washington street parking by phone, raised its transaction rates a couple cents yesterday, attributing the increase on Dodd-Frank banking legislation and Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin's Durbin Amendment to the bill.
That didn't sit well with Durbin, who sent Parkmobile CEO Albert Bogaard an open letter this afternoon [...]

D.C. Parking System Parkmobile Raises Rates, Creates a Cheaper One

Parkmobile, the pay-by-phone street-parking app that scored City Paper's 2012 pick for best attempted fleecing of locals, is about to get a little bit fleecier. In an email to D.C. users today, the company announced that it has to increase its transaction fees from $0.32 to $0.45.
Parkmobile's blaming the change on the Dodd-Frank legislation, which [...]

Bowser Wants To Kill Red Top Meters

Not so fast there, DDOT. Ward 4 Councilmember Muriel Bowser wants to pull the plug on the red top meter program that eliminates free parking for disabled drivers and lets parking enforcement officers ticket drivers who don't move their cars. Mike DeBonis reports in the Post:
"Nobody really quite understands how this came to be or [...]

The Needle: Forward! Edition

No More Free Parking: At least a third of D.C.'s neighborhood political disputes boil down to parking. Which is why word of secret free spaces by Thompson Boat House near Virginia Avenue NW caught our eye when a message about it appeared in The Mail, Gary Imhoff's e-newsletter. Park Police, a tipster wrote, never patrolled [...]

The Needle: No Parking Edition

Parking Profits: It turns out you're not making it up—D.C. actually does issue more parking tickets than most other cities. That's according to data AAA Mid-Atlantic got via a Freedom of Information Act request, which showed the District collected more in fines last year than ever before and that the city's 17,000 metered spaces generated [...]

When Downtown D.C. Really Was a Parking Lot

You think parking's bad in D.C. these days? Check out this photo, recently released by the National Archives, of cars wedged into just about every available inch near downtown during a bus strike in May 1974. (Thanks to The Atlantic for combing through the set and highlighting this photo.)
Photo by Jim Pickerell/NARA

The Needle: Baltimore United Edition

What Will Keep United In D.C.?: Baltimore wasn't playing when it decided to make a bid for D.C. United, which isn't happy, or profitable, playing at RFK. (Fans, meanwhile, aren't happy with the team's inability to make the playoffs.) Major League Soccer has been surveying fans up I-95 about how they'd feel about a soccer [...]

The Needle: Still Quaking Edition

I Feel The Earth Move: Last summer, the D.C. area shook through a 3.6 magnitude earthquake. 2010: Consider yourself topped. A 5.8 magnitude quake centered 87 miles away (near Mineral, Va.) and about 4 miles underground rumbled this afternoon, forcing buildings to be evacuated, damaging some facilities, and generally freaking everyone the fuck out. The [...]

The Needle: Amnesty Edition

No Free Parking: These days, municipal governments need to scramble to find every spare dollar they can. Which is why the District is extending its free research program as part of a parking ticket amnesty—the program, which was set to end today, has already brought in nearly $400,000 from scofflaws taking advantage of the chance [...]

Neighborhood News Roundup: High Powered Firearms Edition

A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.
The Adams Morgan Bogeyman Succeeded: Unsurprisingly, ANC 2B voted against the liquor license application for a restaurant in the old post office building on 14th and T streets NW. Borderstan reports that a large mix of supporters and opponents [...]

Neighborhood News Roundup: Not My Tulips! Edition

A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.
These Tulips Are Not For You: Inspired by a sign on a neighbor's garden asking passerby not to pick the flowers, Park View D.C. ponders whether guerilla floristry is becoming endemic: "Has anyone else had a problem with passersby [...]