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Nuclear Summit Annoys More Drivers Than Previously Thought

The District continues to beef up its credentials as the "parking ticket capital of the nation." Earlier this week, parking enforcement officers were even ticketing cars in designated no-ticketing zones.
This morning, Department of Public Works staffer Kevin Twine sent an email to several Northwest D.C. neighborhood listservs, informing residents of the ticketing snafu:
"To ease the parking burden created by the [...]

Barry Seeks ‘Jaguar, Mercedes, or BMW’

Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry's on-again, off-again boycott went off again yesterday afternoon, when the mayor-for-life called LL to take issue with his "silly" item on Barry's new wheels.
To recap: LL noted that Barry is now driving an aging Toyota Corolla; it bears tags registered to the BMW that Barry used to drive and which [...]

Neighborhood Watch: How Much Does It Cost to Pick Up Your Kid From School Downtown?

The Issue: Should parents picking up their kids from a downtown after-school program be exempt from parking tickets? Strong John Thomson Elementary, at 1200 L St. NW, offers a popular after-school program that runs every school day until 6 p.m. Parents can leave their cars in the standing-only zone from 3 to 4 p.m. without [...]

VIDEO: Is Cleveland Park Dead?

Cleveland Park is starting to look like an old steel town. Last week, Starbucks and 7-Eleven closed, adding to a growing list of shuttered shops: a Blockbuster, a Magruder's, a Cold Stone Creamery, etc. WUSA's Bruce Johnson examined the corpse last week wondering why such an elite 'hood had fallen on hard times. Councilmember Mary [...]

Weekend in Review: Parking Tickets!

Before you do anything, learn all about our hometown fire chief's outing at the Nats game. He freaked out when he saw there were fireworks going down. More!
Much has been made of the District's plan to step up enforcement of parking restrictions all around town. The push will affect nightclubbers who try to press their [...]