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Meridian Hill Park Drum Circle Broken Up by U.S. Park Police

The weekly drum circle in Meridian Hill Park that has been a mainstay in the District since the civil rights era was disbanded by U.S. Park Police Sunday, since the park is federal land and supposed to be closed due to the government shutdown.
The drum circle started as normal at around 3:30 p.m and was [...]

More Security in Rock Creek Park as Police Investigate Homicide

There will be extra U.S. Park Police patrolling Rock Creek Park tonight as police investigate the fatal stabbing of a man whose body was found at Beach Drive and Joyce Road NW over the holiday weekend.
Police said at a press conference this afternoon, however, that they believe the area is safe to the public.
At this [...]

The Needle: Woman Catches Metro Groper

Criminal Underground: A woman groped on the Metro tracked down her attacker until police could intervene, according to a story posted on Collective Action for Safe Spaces.  +3
Email Shadiness: An open-records group is suing the D.C. Council in an attempt to force the release of Council emails sent using personal accounts. +1

The Needle: No Dancing, Please, We’re American Edition

Pregnant Panda Pause: Might another Butterstick be on its way soon? The National Zoo doesn't actually know, but zookeepers do seem to think it's possible that Mei Xiang and  Tian Tian have finally perfected the panda-ly art of mating again. The zoo announced today that they're conducting ultrasounds twice a week because of a hormone change in [...]

Park Service Recognizes City Paper for Journalistic Gold

City Paper contributor Franklin Schneider continues to earn raves for his recent cover story, "Panned in D.C.," including this blind item on the National Park Service's web site:
A recent article in the local Washington, DC press documented the activities of several persons who were panning for gold in Rock Creek Park. It is critical that park [...]

Photos: Civil Disobedience

Park Police Seek Vandal Allegedly Writing Racist Messages

U.S. Park Police are after a man they believe responsible for multiple acts of racist vandalism. They say Ronald Edward Bost Jr. has been writing racist messages on government property. Most recently, Bost is alleged to have scrawled hate language along the George Washington Parkway. A warrant has been issued for his arrest.
Police say Bost, [...]

Marion Barry Arrest: The ‘Stalkee’ Tells What Happened

LL spoke this evening with Donna Watts-Brighthaupt, the 40-year-old woman whom Marion Barry has been charged with stalking.
She does not support the charge: "He does not stalk," she says. "He does what I allow him to do."
Watts-Brighthaupt says she spent some six months in a relationship with Barry, from August, when she traveled with him [...]

Marion Barry on Arrest: Friend Donna Watts “Betrayed” Me

The woman that Marion Barry is alleged to have stalked, leading to his arrest last night, has been identified as Donna Watts, 40, a friend and companion of Barry's for several years.
Watts was identified in an afternoon press conference by Barry spokesperson Natalie Williams; Barry himself did not attend, Williams said, because he was attending [...]