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Adventures in Parenting

Move over, Baltimore. D.C. is the new Charm City.
At least, that’s according to the editors of Parenting magazine, who earlier this week crowned D.C. with the top spot in their 2011 Best Cities for Families list. Astute Parenting readers will note that D.C.’s improvement over last year would make the Nationals and Redskins [...]

D.C. Urban Moms Hate Your Stroller Because They Aren’t Getting Laid

As a young woman living in D.C., this week's cover story on the horrors of the D.C. Urban Moms message board further convinced me that D.C. is a wretched place to reproduce. I couldn't stop wondering why these women spent all of their time judging others on stroller choice, what school their over-privileged snob got [...]

Boob Mix-Up: Woman Breastfeeds Wrong Baby at Virginia Hospital Center

Anyone who watched the latest season of The Office probably remembers the classic scene from the delivery episode where Pam, in a confused and tired state, reaches over to the bassinet on the side of her bed to breastfeed the crying newborn. When the baby latches on, Pam is ecstatic as her baby was having [...]