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For the Kids of Type-A Washington Parents, Etiquette Isn’t Just for Debutantes

In the era of Honey Boo Boo, the well-mannered child doesn’t appear to be especially prized by the zeitgeist. Nevertheless, on a recent Sunday, Taylor and Jamie are among 10 children who have gathered at Tabula Rasa, an event space on Barracks Row, to practice their how-do-you-dos.
“How are you?” Taylor says to another girl. Jamie [...]

Adventures in Parenting

Move over, Baltimore. D.C. is the new Charm City.
At least, that’s according to the editors of Parenting magazine, who earlier this week crowned D.C. with the top spot in their 2011 Best Cities for Families list. Astute Parenting readers will note that D.C.’s improvement over last year would make the Nationals and Redskins [...]

The Needle: Children Are The Future Edition

Kids R Us: Don't believe the hype about how no one can raise children without moving to the 'burbs! A new ranking from Parenting magazine declares D.C. the best city in the country to raise kids (in the latest installment of Arbitrary National Rankings we collect here). The District edged out Austin, Texas, Boston, and [...]

Fighting Moms: Best DCUM Story Comments

Have you read this week's cover story about the Mommy Fights on the D.C. Urban Moms message board? If not, let some of the best commenters entice you in. We've collected our favorite comments from our site and Fark that really sum up the horrid underbelly of the District. It's a place where rich parents [...]

Confessions of a Wi-Fi Loafer – First Post

It’s an early Saturday afternoon inside the cozy basement café at Politics & Prose bookstore on Connecticut Avenue NW. I’ve been here awhile – a good long while.
I arrive with my laptop and a yellow legal pad before 10 a.m. and install myself at one of the little tables along the wall that leads to [...]