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National Zoo Announces Date for Bei Bei’s Public Debut

Bei Bei makes his debut this January.

Ideas for D.C.-Inspired Halloween Costumes

The ones you have to explain to everyone, like, five times and yet still no one "gets" are always the coolest.

Mei Xiang Reportedly Uncooperative About Switching Cubs

Mei Xiang won't relinquish the larger of her two cubs, causing zookeepers concern.

National Zoo: Panda Mei Xiang Gives Birth to Two Cubs (UPDATE)

Bao Bao's a big sister.

The Needle: Derecho on The Sly

DerWhatNow?:  Although it's not official, there is evidence to suggest that a derecho—you know, a "derecho is “a widespread, long-lived, convectively-generated wind storm"—swept across the D.C. area Tuesday night, according to Capital Weather Gang. -2
Panda Time: Watch Bao Bao and Mei Xiang eat fruitsicle treats. +3

The Ultimate Panda Swag

Here's a test to see if you're a true panda fan: Would you pay nearly $900,000 for a designer watch that features a studded panda and 18 carats of "red gold and white gold?"
The Billionaire Shop (yep, it's a thing) is selling the Richard Mille Tourbillion Panda 26-01 watch for 645,000 Euros—or about $881,000.

Embodying innocence [...]

Bao Bao Makes Public Debut, Snoozing Lucratively

Bao Bao made her long-awaited public debut at the National Zoo this weekend, but as throngs of camera-phone-ready visitors lined up to catch a glimpse of the giant panda cub, she mostly slept, seemingly unfazed by the hype around her.
"Well, that was worth it," Beth Houser said as she exited the Panda House Saturday with [...]

The Needle: Taking a Stand

Team Camaraderie: For the first time, an actual Pigskins player said he thought the team's offensive name should "probably" be changed. +6
Refreeze Degrees: Bundle up, another polar vortex could be coming our way this month. -5

You Can See The Baby Panda Starting Jan. 18

Get off the couch, turn off that Panda Cam, and head to the National Zoo. Starting Jan. 18, zoogoers can see the baby panda, Bao Bao, in the flesh, the zoo announced today.
Members of Friends of the National Zoo will be able to visit the panda from Jan. 11 to Jan. 17.
"The amount of time [...]

The Needle: The Fleeting Apple

CityCenter Rumors: It looks like an Apple store may not be coming to CityCenterDC after all, which means everyone will still need to haul over to the Georgetown store and wait in the never-ending lines to get their Apple gear fixed. -2
Oh Marion: During a council hearing to vote on the city's parking meter contract, Councilmember [...]

Baby Panda Gets a Little Fatter

The panda team at the National Zoo performed another check up on its famous cub today, and she now weighs 3.07 pounds and is 11.4 inches wide around her belly.
Vets say her heart and lungs sound healthy.
"The cub is very active and keepers said she is very wiggly and squirmy. She’s trying to support her [...]

Baby Panda Will Survive Government Shutdown, Fate of Panda Cam Unknown

If the federal government shuts down in just a week's time, D.C. could very well end up festering in its own trash. Numerous city and federal agencies would close; so would libraries and recreation centers.
But what about the new baby panda at the National Zoo? What will happen to her?
While the National Zoo would be closed [...]

The Needle: Panda Spotting!

Panda Spotting: New pictures of the giant panda cub born at the National Zoo in August were just released, and it is finally starting to resemble a panda—it has spots! +3
Veto Verified: The D.C. Council did not override Mayor Vince Gray's veto of the Large Retailer Accountability Act—more commonly known as the living wage bill—but that [...]

Panda Cub’s Daddy and Sex Revealed

The two-week old cub is officially a female and her panda daddy is none other than Tian Tian.
Scientists at the National Zoo revealed the results of both the sex and paternity tests Thursday morning.
The cub's mother, Mei Xiang, underwent artificial insemination twice on March 30 after attempts to have her mate naturally with Tian Tian [...]

Video: National Zoo Panda Snuggling With Her Cub

At six days old, it looks more like a naked mole rat than a baby panda, but here's a video from the National Zoo of the cub and its giant panda mom, Mei Xiang, doing cute panda things together.