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National Zoo: Surviving Panda Cub Is Male

And he was fathered by Tian Tian.

The Needle: Black and White and Deadlined Over

Name Drop: The deadline to vote for the baby panda's name is tonight at midnight. Vote here. +2
Any Takers? This D.C.-area woman is giving away on Craigslist a giant jar of used pickles she bought a few months ago at Costco. Her husband didn't like them. They expire next month. -2

The Needle: Tie-Hard Fan

Crack Swag: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, who admitted today to smoking crack cocaine "probably in one of [his] drunken stupors," wore a tie with a visible Pigskins logo on it, thus guaranteeing that the inevitable Marion Barry comparisons would be even easier to write. -2

Slim Pickings: The Virginia gubernatorial race is today, and so far, it appears turnout has [...]

What’s in a Panda’s Name? You Can Decide!

In the latest chapter of U.S.-China panda diplomacy, the People's Republic seems to have stomached some limited democracy: You can now vote online to determine the name of the National Zoo's beloved baby panda, which is on loan from the Chinese.
The girl cub was born Aug. 23, and following Chinese tradition, she will be given her [...]

Panda Cub Died From Liver Cell Death, Says National Zoo

The National Zoo's 6-day-old panda cub passed away last month because its liver cells were dying, possibly because of problems with the baby panda's lungs, the National Zoo announced this morning.
The panda cub's lungs were not as developed as they should have been, according to Dr. Suzan Murray, the zoo's chief veterinarian, who said lack [...]

Cause of Baby Panda’s Death to Be Revealed Tomorrow

The mysterious ailment that killed the National Zoo's new baby panda last month will be revealed tomorrow, according to the zoo.
The six-day-old cub's cause of death has so far been unclear to the public. A lack of outward physical trauma ruled out an accidental crushing death from panda mother Mei Xiang. While the female panda [...]

Bearway to Heaven

The Sunday death of the National Zoo's 6-day-old cub underlined the long odds facing giant pandas. Here's a look at the grim stats for baby pandas, in D.C. and elsewhere:
75: The percentage of panda cubs born in the United States that live past their first year, according to USA TODAY.
7: Days that keepers have to [...]

Gwar Singer Doesn’t Mince Words on Baby Panda’s “Life of Slavery”

By now, almost every angle on the baby panda's death yesterday has been covered. Here's how to feel sad about it, and here's how to explain it your kids. But one question remains: What does Oderus Urungus, "intergalactic humanoid barbarian" and lead singer of gorey metal band Gwar, think of this?
Not very much, apparently.


No Plan Yet for Future Cubs After Baby Panda’s Death

The National Zoo won't release pictures of the panda cub that died this morning, but according to chief veterinarian Suzan Kelly, the panda looked healthy.
"The cub looked just fabulous," Murray said at a press conference this afternoon with Dennis Kelly, the zoo's director. Murray and Kelly kept returning to two themes: how beautiful the panda [...]

National Zoo: Baby Panda Died This Morning

Update, 2:34 p.m: Zoo officials have provided more information about the panda's death, including when it made its last noises and the future of the panda program at the zoo.

The panda cub born last week at the National Zoo died this morning at less than seven days old, according to a press release from the [...]