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You Can See The Baby Panda Starting Jan. 18

Get off the couch, turn off that Panda Cam, and head to the National Zoo. Starting Jan. 18, zoogoers can see the baby panda, Bao Bao, in the flesh, the zoo announced today.
Members of Friends of the National Zoo will be able to visit the panda from Jan. 11 to Jan. 17.
"The amount of time [...]

The Needle: Pigskins Performance Anxiety

No Goal: The Pigskins' poor performance on the field is apparently causing an invested fan to perform poorly in bed. -3
Slow and Steady: The Panda Cam captured the baby panda taking her first steps. We know, you're pretty sure you're done with this whole thing, but it was pretty darn cute. +2

What’s in a Panda’s Name? You Can Decide!

In the latest chapter of U.S.-China panda diplomacy, the People's Republic seems to have stomached some limited democracy: You can now vote online to determine the name of the National Zoo's beloved baby panda, which is on loan from the Chinese.
The girl cub was born Aug. 23, and following Chinese tradition, she will be given her [...]

The Needle: Van Go

Van Go: WMATA unveils some classy new commemorative Van Gogh Metro cards. +2
Oh, Canada: A Canadian newspaper took a stab at rounding up D.C.'s 10 best restaurants, and it's a pretty eclectic mix. [h/t Eater D.C.] +1

Panda Cam: An Empirical Investigation

For a camera that just watches cute bears going about their everyday lives in human-constructed confines, the Panda Cam gets a lot of hype. The New York Times, the Guardian, and the Washington Post were just a few of the publications that chronicled the camera's shutdown demise and post-shutdown revival. (Yeah, we're guilty, too.)
But do people actually watch [...]

It’s Official: Panda Cam Will Not Survive Government Shutdown

Nothing is safe during a government shutdown. Nothing.
The National Zoo said today that, if Congress doesn't pass legislation to fund the federal government in the fiscal year that starts tomorrow, the nation's beloved Giant Panda Cam would definitely not operate.
@minilauren Yes, during a #shutdown, even the panda cam won't be broadcasting online.
— National Zoo (@NationalZoo) [...]

The Needle: The Sky’s The Limit

Bad Timing: If the government shuts down on Oct. 1, D.C. libraries would shutter the same day that extended hours are enacted. -5
The Sky's The Limit: The District proposed dramatic changes to the Height Act today, which would free the city from any federal height restrictions outside historic L'Enfant City. Even if it isn't passed, this [...]