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The Needle: Logan Circle Shortcut

Dining Decadence: Last night's Capital Food Fight charity event apparently turned into an twisted foodie bacchanalia, with diners feasting on a slaughtered iguana for $1,000 a chew. But that's downright respectable compared to what man paid $1,000 to do—eat ham off of Padma Lakshmi's collarbone. -5
The Logan Loop: In a new video, a man drives [...]

The Friday Limerick Review

The store that has long been awaited
'Twas also quite hotly debated
Your laptop is busted?
A genius, if trusted
Will fix up the mess you created
Hizzoner had property stolen
(Two bikes left for rough terrain rollin')
It's now a charade
Because he delayed
And 'cause he's a little controllin'
From slicing and dicing to searing
This Wednesday saw Top Chef premiering
With Padma, soon Nancy
And [...]

Our Morning Roundup: From Padma to iPad Edition

Creepy news from Arlington Cemetery: A Virginia funeral home was fined $50,000 for mishandling bodies awaiting burial at the hallowed national cemetery. As if that weren't enough, The Washington Post also found gravestones "lying in the muck near a maintenance yard."
As foodies, reality TV fans and Padma Lakshmi devotees probably already know, Top Chef DC premiered [...]