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With a Restored Signal and New Shows, WPFW Tries to Move Past Its Internal Conflicts

Some new voices are appearing on WPFW-FM, and they'll be a lot louder than what listeners of the long-troubled jazz and lefty talk station have become used to: Following several years of weakened broadcast power—including one week last December in which the station dropped off the terrestrial airways entirely—WPFW announced this week that it has [...]

WPFW No Longer Moving to Silver Spring

WPFW-FM will not be moving to Silver Spring.
That news should come as a relief to the group of programmers, supporters, and listeners who, since earlier this spring, have been agitating to end a deal that would have moved the progressive "jazz and justice" station into a studio space on Colesville Road leased by a subsidiary [...]

WPFW Has to Move This Month. But Where?

Last week, with 18 days left to go before their station would be homeless, the warring factions of WPFW-FM found themselves in D.C. Superior Court.
But as the hearing began, a wisecrack from Judge Geoffrey M. Alprin couldn’t quite break the tension. “You will find out that I’m a jazz lover also,” the judge said. “If I [...]