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City Paper’s Schaffer: “Gray Never Promised Dramatic Change”

Well, well, a familiar name—in red type, even!—was below the fold of the Sunday Outlook section in the Post. City Paper's brilliant and fearless leader Michael Schaffer wrote an essay arguing that Mayor Vince Gray has done exactly what he promised: Very little.
“Measure us on the things I said we were going to do,” Gray said at [...]

We Read Washington Post Outlook Section So You Don’t Have To!

The Sunday before any national election is always a landmark day for Washington Post editors and writers—it means they already know, months in advance, what the main feature in the paper's Outlook section will be. For 15 election cycles, Outlook has been home to the Crystal Ball Contest for predicting results.
This year's edition ran last [...]

New-Look Outlook Debuts Sunday in WaPo

The changes just keep coming at the Washington Post. Below, check out the memo from Outlook Editor John Pomfret that outlines it all:
This Sunday, the new Outlook will debut. The section will grow from five pages to eight (six of them in color). But more important, thanks to our new partnership with Book World, [...]