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The Needle: Palin Thunder Edition

Sarah Barracuda: Ah, Memorial Day weekend. Nothing says "the start of summer" like barbecues, Rolling Thunder on the Mall, and a Palin family vacation in the District. Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin will drop by the motorcycle rally Sunday, to kick off a bus tour of important historical sites that could lead her right [...]

The Needle: Duke of Rothesay Edition

Wales, D.C.: The royal wedding was more or less swept out of the news by Seal Team Six Sunday night. Which may explain the relative lack of fanfare with which His Royal Highness Prince Charles, heir to the British throne (also duke of Cornwall and Rothesay, among other titles) and father of the recently celebrated [...]

The Needle: Global War on Terrorism Edition

Continue to Be Afraid Until Further Notice: By now, Osama bin Laden's body lies somewhere near the bottom of the Arabian Sea, having been deposited there off the U.S.S. Carl Vinson after he was killed by Navy SEALs yesterday. But anyone who thought that would mean the elaborate, and expensive, security apparatus set up around [...]

Video: Bin Laden’s Death Gives Bros a Reason to Party

If you chose to stay in last night and enjoy a full-night's sleep, you missed out on one heck of a brotastic party at the White House. When news broke that Osama bin Laden was dead, crowds started to gather in front of the White House with American flags, beachballs, and Bush/Cheney campaign signs. Cheerleaders [...]

The Needle: Would You Like Bombs With That? Edition

Do You Have a Reservation, Mr. Bin Laden?: Sure, those sneezeguard salad bars are a dismal way to dine. But you didn't realize they could literally kill you—until now. Inspire, the magazine published by Al Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (the Yemeni branch of the international terrorist conglomerate), suggests "a random hit in a crowded [...]

Morning Roundup: A Long Weekend Long On Shootings

Good morning, everyone. Today’s Tuesday, in case the long weekend confused you. And it’s June! Perhaps now, we can move on to sunny days and temperatures that make sense.
Memorial Day weekend was a mess of shootings from Baltimore to Chinatown. A teen was found shot in the head in Greenbelt, a man was found dead in his [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Can Mike Shanahan Make ‘Mastermind’ a Good Word Again?

The highlight of last night's lousy BCS game was the Gatorade shower gone awry. Alabama coach Nick Saban almost went down after taking a huge hit from two surely former players who ran into him with a tub full of beverage.
Local football fans already knew how dangerous the Gatorade shower can be: That's what killed [...]