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Buy a Date With Orr Shtuhl, Help Haiti

Anyone hoping to purchase some one-on-one with Orr "The Beerspotter" Shtuhl will have to wait a week: Tonight's planned "Hotties for Haiti" date auction at Sova Espresso & Wine has been postponed till next Wednesday, Feb. 17, at 8:30 p.m., says organizer Helly Schtevie. A slate of what Shtuhl calls "F-list celebrities, and me, somehow"—Gavin [...]

Editorial Bastards at Crafty Bastards

Have you ever wanted to punch any of us in the face? Tomorrow's your big chance! Here's the schedule for ed-staff appearances at the City Paper booth for tomorrow's crafty fair.

Jazz and Beer

They go together like sports and wine! Orr Shtuhl hangs on the porch with NPR.

Welcome the Beerspotter

Please give a big welcome to the Beerspotter, aka Orr Shtuhl, whose new weekly column spotlights interesting brews he's found around town. Shtuhl's written a couple pieces in this space, and he knocked out a fine Young & Hungry once. He's really interested in music, specifically lyrics, which he writes about on a blog called [...]