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The Needle: Election Day Edition

Vote for Me: The only election that really matters in D.C. municipal affairs, the Democratic Party primary, is under way. Mayor Adrian Fenty and D.C. Council Chairman Vincent Gray both scour the District for votes. For a clue as to which candidate feels more confident, check the locations of their evening parties—Fenty will be at [...]

Oprah Offered Refunds, So Shouldn’t the Lerners?

Fans booed at Nationals Park when the curtain went up and they learned that Miguel Batista would be playing the role of Stephen Strasburg for last night's performance against the Braves.
Batista delivered a line as well as Strasburg would have: Five innings, no runs, three hits, six Ks.
I wasn't there in person and hadn't paid [...]

Our Morning Roundup: The “Palin-Winfrey 2012″ Edition

Mornin', City Desk readers! Welcome to the second edition of what used to be but is no longer Freedom Friday. Remember: Freedom is dead. Don't worry, you'll get used to it.
One word: Oprah! The "queen of daytime television" will announce today she's ending her show in 2011. This is huge! Now, in case you're a [...]

Michael Steele Visits Howard, Gets Heckled, Heckles Back

Michael Steele wasn't exactly feeling the love last night at Howard. A group of young black Republicans at the historically-black university hosted the first African-American chairman of the Republican National Committee on his so-called "Freedom Tour," a series of town hall meetings on health care and other topics of the day. Yesterday, those topics included [...]

Carving Out an Existence


Robert Stone runs the wood shop at the Armed Forces Retirement Home with his pal, fellow tenant and fellow Navy man Jim Webster.
"This place keeps me going," says Stone, who's lived at AFRH for two years. "I'm not well. I've been through the cancer."
I tell him he looks fine and fit, and mean it.
"My insides [...]