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Local Meme Genius: Hitler Learns OPM Won’t Close the Government

“The Capital Weather Gang lied to me! They said four domes!"

The Shutdown Diaries: It’s Almost Over (Probably)

I am a nonessential federal employee. This is my shutdown.
It looks like the furlough is almost over. This afternoon, my Twitter feed is as frenzied as it was in the day leading up to the shutdown; journalists and news outlets all reported how the Senate introduced a deal to fund the government and extend the [...]

The Needle: The Iceman Cometh Edition

Snow Day: Federal workers have three alternatives for dealing with the ice storm expected to roll through the region tomorrow: Work from home; take unscheduled leave; or do neither, and spend 13 hours commuting home tomorrow night, just like last week's rush hour snowstorm. Chastened by the scolding the feds got from local governments around [...]