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Senate Bill Would Strip NFL of Tax-Exempt Status as Long as the Washington Football Team Has a Racist Name

Trying to hit the league in the pockets

The Name of the Washington Football Team Probably Isn’t Going Anywhere

Leaders of the Oneida Indian Nation said they were "somewhat disappointed" after their meeting today with NFL executives to discuss the Washington football team's name.
The Oneida Indian Nation's Ray Halbritter had a post-meeting press conference with reporters and said the NFL gave no indication that the team name would be changed anytime soon. He added that [...]

Dan Snyder: Nope, Still Not Changing the Team’s Name

Washington Pigskins owner Dan Snyder has softened his tone since declaring he would "NEVER" change the football team's "usually offensive" name, but the dogged billionaire doesn't seem any closer to actually doing anything about it.
Snyder wrote a letter to fans today, which was posted on the team's website and emailed out, explaining why he believes the [...]