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Boston Doesn’t Want the 2024 Olympics. Does D.C.?

The mayor's chief of staff says it's "too early to say what is next" for the District.

D.C. Among Four U.S. Cities in Contention for 2024 Olympics

Like it or not, D.C.'s odds of hosting the 2024 Olympics just got better.
The District is one of four cities under consideration by the U.S. Olympic Committee for a nomination to host the 2024 games, the committee announced today. The other three are Boston, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.
“Boston, LA, San Francisco and Washington have [...]

The Needle: Tipped Off

Gratuitous: The Public Option, a new brewpub on Rhode Island Ave. NE opening later this year, will not accept tips and will instead pay its staff a wage of at least $15 an hour. If a patron leaves extra money, the staff will donate it to a charity. +4
Reality Bites: The star of TLC's Cake Boss [...]

The Needle: Caffeine High

Bronze Cup: A barista at The Coffee Bar in Logan Circle, Jessica Lutz, scored the game-winning goal today for Switzerland's hockey team, winning her county a bronze medal. She says she'll wear the medal when she returns to work. +5
Fancy McMuffin: Red Apron is opening in Penn Quarter next week, and it's offering a tigelle, which is [...]

Vince Gray: So-So on Olympics. Dan Snyder: Gung-Ho.

Mayor Vince Gray had a muted response to the prospect of D.C. hosting the Summer Olympics in 2024, striking a pragmatic tone following an unrelated press conference Tuesday. "It will be weighed with what's best for the city," Gray told reporters. "We have only finite resources to go around."
Gray, who so far has played no role in [...]

Olympics in D.C.? No Thanks.

Today, we are excited to announce that DC is exploring a bid to host the 2024 Summer #Olympics! Join us at #DC2024
— Washington DC 2024 (@DC2024) August 27, 2013
A bad idea that was first proposed a decade ago and threatened to return last summer during the quadrennial frenzy caused by watching too much tape-delayed [...]

The Needle: Duel Time

I Demand Satisfaction: Today marks the 174th year that dueling has been illegal in Washington. Let's make it to the 175th. +2
The Ring: Should D.C. apply for the 2024 Olympics? Nope, but it's nice to think about. +2

The Needle: Torch Song Edition

Mosquitos Will Kill You: Itching and scratching is no longer the worst possible consequence of spending too much time outside without a proper dousing of DEET first. City health officials say they've identified West Nile virus in mosquitos in the District. There's only a real danger for about one in 150 people who gets bitten [...]

HU Prof Says Black People Really Fast

This summer, Howard University's Dr. Edward Jones fielded a lot of phone calls and e-mails. People wanted to discuss why black people run faster than white people, and why white people swim better than black people. One particularly strange caller, he says, wanted to talk about this subject in connection with [...]

District Limerick: Capital Curling Expo, Coming Soon!

Enough with the glitter and twirling
I'm stoked for today's start of curling
Best sport on the planet
Has big hunks of granite
Designed for the purpose of hurling
To answer my hopes, dreams, and prayers
This Hilton is clearing out chairs
A rink in the room
So folks, grab a broom
Come curl away all of your cares

Morning Roundup: The “Loud BOOM!” Edition

Happy Hump-Day! I can see you slumping over and sleeping at your desk, so I’ve helpfully ended each news-blip with a BOOM, in honor of the Black Eyed Peas, Brett from FOTC, and the DC Metro transit system. Stay awake! Boom!
For those metro riders who have finally managed to assuage their fears of track-jumpers and [...]

Hipster Runner Famiglietti Fails to Medal but Embraces Pain

Saturday's 3000-meter steeplechase qualifier was enlivened by the presence of Anthony Famiglietti, a 30-year-old 29-year-old runner from New York who trains in Tennessee. Famiglietti, who looks like he might have made you an Americano, whizzed past you on a fixie, or perhaps sold you weed at some point, studied philosophy, paints, sculpts, and has produced [...]

Our Morning Roundup

* Burning question! Why employ a "guest blogger"? Get your own blog! It's easy! Still, yesterday, Prince of Petworth debuted "The Restaurant," a new series by a guest-blogger called Julian: a writer, waiter, and master of the simile. Writes "Julian": "The staff, from what I noticed up front, was attractive and friendly, yet tightly knit–like [...]

Lip-Syncing Hall of Shame

Yesterday, Olympic officials admitted that 7-year-old "Ode to the Motherland" singer Yang Peiyi was replaced on television by a lip-syncing stand-in, 9-year-old Lin Miaoke. Since the admission, much discussion, unfortunately, has centered on the girls' relative "cuteness." Today, according to the Associated Press, officials insisted that "the decision to have one girl lip-sync another's voice [...]