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District Line Daily: Mayor Barry’s Send-Off

Ted Leonsis says the Olympics will prove we're not "dysfunctional."

District Line Daily: The Politics Issue

Our endorsements are in!

The Needle: Viet-Noms

Torched Olympics: A nonprofit is pushing to get D.C. to host the 2024 Olympics, but there's so many reasons why that's a bad idea. -5
Viet-Noms: Doi Moi, inspired by the street food of Thailand and Vietnam, opens today on 14th Street NW. +1

Vince Gray: So-So on Olympics. Dan Snyder: Gung-Ho.

Mayor Vince Gray had a muted response to the prospect of D.C. hosting the Summer Olympics in 2024, striking a pragmatic tone following an unrelated press conference Tuesday. "It will be weighed with what's best for the city," Gray told reporters. "We have only finite resources to go around."
Gray, who so far has played no role in [...]