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Trump Hotel at Old Post Office Building Will Have Three ‘Presidential Suites’

The hotel is expected to open in September.

“Dump Trump”: Dozens Gather to Protest The Donald’s D.C. Hotel

"We don't need hate speech on America's main street."

District Line Daily: Hooked By Police

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The D.C. Police Department is using high-risk sting operations in which undercover police officers lure [...]

The Needle: Trumpington, D.C.

Huge: The Donald Trump-ified Old Post Office is one step closer to becoming reality. +4
Invisible Hipsters: This Washington Post story on hipsters ruining "cheap" beer ends with the line "Hipsters beware," and the rest of it makes about as much sense. -3

No Tax Break for Donald Trump

Trump Organization operatives in the District, you're fired! Discount tie pitchman Donald Trump won't be getting his Old Post Office tax break after all, according to the Associated Press, despite his fervent wishes to the contrary.
Trump's Old Post Office project is on federal property, and thus exempt from D.C. property taxes. But he'll still have [...]

Donald Trump Wants to Avoid D.C. Taxes

Insatiable media hog Donald Trump is no fan of high taxes in public policy, and he's sticking to that position in his business life. The Washington Business Journal reports that Trump's organization has been trying to wriggle out of paying District taxes on its Old Post Office hotel development.
Since the Old Post Office is a [...]

Professional Rich Man Delighted by Financially Dubious Hotel

Marylander Eager to Greet, Socialize With Trump Overlords

I'm trying not to jump the gun on Donald Trump Watch, since his Old Post Office construction isn't even starting until 2014, but as  demonstrated by this letter to the editor in the Post from one Catherine Tibodeau of Olney, Md., Trumpmania cannot be stopped:
The best part of the deal would be the hope and prayer that [...]

Trump Dynasty to Treat Economically Dubious Old Post Office Like Family Heirloom

Donald Trump's plans to turn the Old Post Office into a hotel are still shrouded in mystery, but what is clear is that not even the Donald's eventual passing will release us from his Turkish-bath-and-remote-controlled-drapes tyranny. The Post has a massive two-part package on Trump's plans that reveals Trump and his family will be interested [...]

Trump Challenged by Rival Developers, High-Living GSA Staff

D.C., have you considered what a boon Donald Trump's Old Post Office hotel could be for us? You couldn't stay in it, obviously—the Post estimates that it could run as much as $750 a night, to cover a $3 million lease and $80 million in renovations—but otherwise, we're talking birth certificate press conferences, special seasons [...]

Drop a Ball, D.C. Or a Fish. Or a Piece of Cheese. Or Something.

Why doesn't D.C. drop a ball?
Not to be like New York or anything (though have you heard that this year's Times Square ball is "covered in 2,668 Waterford Crystals and powered by 32,256 Philips Luxeon Rebel LEDS, making it capable of creating a palette of more than 16 million vibrant colors and billions of patterns [...]