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Jaffe Tried To Kill Police Complaints Office With Errors

During the recent debate over the budget cuts to city services, Examiner columnist Harry Jaffe replaced his pen with an ax, proposing to eliminate the Office of Police Complaints.  That's right. Cut the whole damn office out of existence. Jaffe wrote:
"At a time when the District government is $500 million in the hole, allow me [...]

District Settles 2000 Mass Arrest Case For $13.7 Million

Within 20 minutes of a hearing in federal court this afternoon, the District and plaintiffs attorneys settled a class-action lawsuit stemming from mass arrests and a police raid during the April 2000 anti-globalization protests—two years before the mass arrests at Pershing Park. This suit involves roughly 600 people arrested. The District agreed to a record [...]

Eddie Daye R.I.P.: Loose Lips Daily

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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT—"Councilmember Barry: What Did Sharon Bowen Actually Do?"
Morning all. First, local legendary singer Eddie Daye passed away late last week. Our own music blog has [...]

D.C. Police to Change Handling of Mental Illness Cases

D.C. police have decided to overhaul how it responds to mentally ill residents in crisis and police brass have requested training assistance from the Department of Mental Health, says DMH director Stephen T. Baron.
The decision follows two police-shooting deaths in recent months involving mentally ill victims. In November, police shot and killed David Kerstetter in [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Teachers Hate Snow Edition

The New Teacher On The Block was really pissed off that Fenty kept the schools open yesterday. Apparently, the mayor didn't factor in the slippery streets and that kids will use any excuse to play hooky (see the drop-out rate):
"I mean, I was slipping and sliding on 395 this morning, for goodness sakes. Once I [...]

D.C. Council Introduces Bill To Expand Office Of Police Complaints Oversight

Earlier this month, three D.C. Councilmembers—Mendelson, Cheh, and Bowser— introduced legislation that would significantly beef up the oversight powers of the Office of Police Complaints. The bill would expand the authority of the Police Complaints Board to monitor complaints filed with D.C. Police and Housing Authority cops. The bill would remedy the on-going problem of [...]

Two Shootings. Two Deaths. Two cops. Two Mentally Ill Residents

In early November, D.C. police entered David Kerstetter's Logan Circle home and shot and killed him. Police say Mr. Kerstetter had a knife, that there was a struggle. The crime scene shows no evidence of a struggle. On January 26, Osman Abdullahi was shot and killed by D.C. police after they entered his unlicensed group [...]