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Bowser Commits D.C. to Campaign Against Human Trafficking

"Human trafficking preys on vulnerable people... all who are easy targets."

Report: D.C. Transgender Individuals Face Significant Discrimination in Employment

An OHR report finds that 48 percent of employers appeared to give preference to cisgender applicants.

Discriminated Against By A D.C. Cab? There’s a New Form For That

D.C. cabs have long been accused of racial discrimination, with drivers said to frequently pass by black customers who are trying to hail a vehicle.
Today, the D.C. Taxicab Commission announced the launch of a new discrimination complaint process with the D.C. Office of Human Rights that would make it easier to report the discrimination and file the [...]

Adams Morgan Restaurant Allegedly Leaves Insult on Transgender Customer’s Receipt

Bistro 18 in Adams Morgan allegedly called a transgender customer and her friends "gay bitches" on a receipt, according to a public accommodations discrimination complaint that a LGBT advocacy organization said it filed with the D.C. Office Human rights yesterday.
Lambda Legal, a legal organization serving the LGBTQ community, submitted the complaint on behalf of Amira Gray, a [...]

Office of Human Rights Launches Inquiry Into Cab Commission Over Discrimination Complaints

The city's Office of Human Rights launched a "director's inquiry" this week into the D.C. Taxicab Commission's handling of complaints that city cabs are not picking up customers based on their race or disability.
The inquiry comes in response a WUSA9 undercover investigation that found that 33 percent of cab drivers passed by black passengers trying to [...]

D.C. Office Of Human Rights Launches Campaign to Combat Discrimination Against Immigrants

Your morning commute is about to get a new, do-goody backdrop.
The District's Office Of Human Rights is launching its annual campaign today, and this year it's focused on highlighting the contributions of immigrants in D.C. Posters for the Immigrants Contribute campaign will be plastered on buses, in the Metrorail system, and in local newspapers.  Eight different [...]

D.C. Human Rights Office Gets “Dirty Asian Summer Punch” Out of H Street Bar

Inspired by a victory-drunk Marion Barry promising to boot "dirty shops" run by Asian-Americans out of his ward in April, H Street bar The Pug has been serving a "Dirty Asian Summer Punch." Until now.
After Post reporter Mike DeBonis tweeted a picture of the sign advertising the drink, the District's Office of Human Rights sent [...]