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From Housing Complex: Want to Hold A Revolution? Don’t Do it In Freedom Plaza.

Lydia DePillis argues against occupying Freedom Plaza. Because it sucks:
All public spaces are not created equal, as we know. And Freedom Plaza, a vast expanse of concrete inlaid with representations of the White House and the Capitol Complex, is about as livable as a barren tundra. Tents have overflowed the small grassy patches, and are resting [...]

The Needle: Genocidal Colonization Day Edition

#OccupyDC: Considering how much help the rich folks on Wall Street have from the government based here, it's no wonder a protest modeled on Occupy Wall Street has now arrived in the District. Now a protest in Freedom Plaza, which was supposed to end today according to a National Park Service permit, will continue past [...]

Occupy D.C. Thinks Lobbying is Oppressive

As Occupy Wall Street gains momentum in protesting the power of large corporations, its sister movement, Occupy D.C., is just beginning. Of all the potential public spaces in the city associated with federal power, local protesters have chosen to set up camp in McPherson Square.
Why choose a small park with no particular relevance to structural [...]