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Scam City! Grifters – and Consumer Protection – Are on the Rise, Officials Say

The economy might be in the dumps but it’s turning into a stellar year for consumer scams …  and government plans to combat them.
First, this just came in from one of the Metropolitan Police Department’s Yahoo groups: Beware of the telephone shysters posing as sales reps for the FBI. No, silly! Not the real Federal Bureau of [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Truth Telling Edition

The big news in Washington this morning was already shared with City Desk readers early yesterday evening: Senator John Ensign (R-Nev.) admitted to having an affair with a campaign staffer.  There's no word on whether Ensign plans on resigning but he wishes he could take it all back.  Obviously.  He was a member of the [...]

Ray’s Hell Burger Sees Obama Bump

From WeLoveDC's twitter: "Wow. It's 11:50, and there are 32 people in line *outside* Rays Hell Burger. Not even noon yet!" Thank you Obama.
It's been established that wherever Obama goes, the tour buses and locals will follow, temporarily ruining eating for everyone who doesn't like to wait in long lines for half smokes or [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Dan Snyder and Satan

As first rumored on DCRTV, Brian Mitchell has been let go by sportstalk station WTEM-AM.
That means Mitchell's now ex-employer was Dan Snyder.
The same guy has fired the same guy before.
In 2000, Snyder's first offseason of running the Redskins, Mitchell, the team's all-time punt return and kickoff return leader, was let go.
In Thom Loverro's 2007 book, [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Play Ball Edition

JDLand has her own thoughts on the allegedly slow development around Nationals Park (including both Southeast and Southwest sides). She uses the Post's archives to make the point that the MCI Center didn't exactly create instant redevelopment. [She doesn't use those same archives to chart all the failed promises city leaders have made concerning Nationals [...]

Report Cites Obvious Problems With Inauguration

The Post reported today that a report by Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies has pointed out several obvious flaws with the inauguration. The report: "pointed to insufficient signs, poor coordination among law enforcement agencies and a lack of personnel to keep order and provide information to visitors." By now everyone who attended the inauguration [...]

White House Moves Easter Egg Roll Tickets Online

DCist notes that the White House has decided to pass out tickets to its Easter Egg Roll online. Why is this news? Oh yeah, people give a shit and used to wait in line like all night for the chance to celebrate Easter on the White House lawn. DCist writes:
"A press release from the White [...]

Street Closings For Obama’s Address

The D.C. Police Department announced a huge list of street closings for President Obama's address tonight. The department notes that "the Capitol Square will be restricted to authorized pedestrians only beginning at 6 pm." And then it provides an extensive rundown of what's off limits.

Leon Harris Meets Dionne Warwick

Who knew Leon Harris had a blog? This guy used to fill up the dead air on CNN. He currently provides the gravitas over at WJLA which he has done for some time.  And apparently, he also invokes the common man's perspective on his blog. Of executive pay limits, he writes under a post called [...]

Jake Tapper Gets The Spotlight

This morning I did something I rarely do on Twitter. I wrote what was exactly on my mind (which I guess is the point of twitter). I typed out: "Jake Tapper had the best question at the Obama press conference." I sat there last night watching the Obama press conference like it was event television. [...]

Michael Steele Is Our New Sarah Palin

I have been trying to figure out Michael Steele for the last week or so. Every since he won the RNC's top job that has meant more TV chat show appearances where he talks up tax cuts and talks down Obama. He just doesn't sound that smart. Yesterday, Steele told a Politico reporter that Obama's [...]

Raccoons Invade White House, Local Trapper Offers Free Service

Tim McDowell, made quasi-famous by our cover story "Rabies R Us," got wind of the Obamas' little raccoon problem at the White House and says, repeatedly, he will head on over there and collect the critters, free of charge.
McDowell, owner and operator of AB & BE Animal Bat & Bird Extractors—"Solving Human-Animal Conflicts"—is fired up [...]

Is Shepard Fairey A Plagiarist?

Shepard Fairey is the guy that made that now-ubiquitous Obama poster. The guy has certainly got his 15 minutes of fame leading up to the inauguration and, well, throughout the week. Fairey has been critiqued as a hack and an opportunist. And a guy who likes his 15 minutes of fame. The guy has done [...]

Audit of Inaugural Security?

Just another case-in-point attesting to why the official probe is Washington's biggest industry. In the aftermath of the inauguration, the Washington Post gave air to complaints from high-flying Obama donors that they weren't frisked extensively enough before being allowed into sensitive areas. If ever there was a more pointed affirmation of a charmed life–complaining about [...]

Our Morning Roundup: School Is In Session

DCist reports on some economists who studied the impact of the inauguration. So did it boost the local economy? We know Ben's made out. We know the renters did not.
Frozen Tropics reports on some Catholic University architecture students who are studying H Street transportation. Next study topic: Benning Road. Please. Study it.
Southwest...The Little Quadrant That [...]