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Obama Approves of Dancing D.C. Police Officer

"Who knew community policing could involve the Nae Nae?"

District Line Daily: Boost From the President

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President Barack Obama is expected to announce at the State of the Union address tonight [...]

Photos: Inauguration 2013, Outside the Perimeter

January 21, 2013
A full gallery is available here.

Informer Endorses Obama In Same Sex Marriage Stance

Remember how I said black people weren't going to go for Mitt Romney just because the president completed his "evolution" on same-sex marriage? The Informer endorses President Barack Obama's stance:
There will be those who seek to use this issue to divide our community. As a people, we cannot afford such division. It is our hope that conversations [...]

Reminder: Black Voters Aren’t Going To Go For Romney

I guess the Post has to do this kind of story, but anecdotal evidence that some area blacks won't support Barack Obama because of his newfound support for gay marriage is really useless. What would be useful is polling data, and I'd be shocked if Obama took even the slightest hit among black voters.
And let's be [...]

One Year After Crash, Metro Still Lacks ‘Safety Culture': Loose Lips Daily

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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT—"City FC Builds Hearts, Minds, and Soccer Fields," "Another Blaze Scorches Joe Englert's Boozy Empire," "Was Robert Wone Killed By Martial Arts Expert?," "World Cup [...]

Weekend in Review: Days of Rage Edition

Did you rage this weekend? If not, did you get your living room spackled, sanded, and primed? Did you spend so much time listening to 105.9 the Edge that you found yourself thinking things like, On third listen, I adjudge that the bass line of "Living on a Prayer" is the most important part [...]

Our Morning Roundup: How Was Your Drive To Work?

WaPo thinks the real test for Mayor Adrian Fenty comes right now during your morning commute. He's already failed mine. While I haven't walked to WCP headquarters just yet, I can bet that the last bit of sidewalk on Mount Pleasant Street hasn't been cleared nor has the mucky stretch of park nor the bus [...]

Did the Post Back Away From an Unintentional Double-Entendre?

A reader who sent these two photos from two different Wednesday editions thinks so. I asked a Post spokesperson when these editions are published, but she tells me, "we don’t disclose that information." I'll bet the first lady wishes they disclosed even less!

Morning Roundup: SOTU Edition

Obama called for comity! Alito mouthed "You are a liar!"* Around the one-hour mark, I started looking at snow shovels on! THE STATE OF THE UNION IS STRONG.
During his speech, the president decried Washington's "perpetual campaign where the only goal is to see who can get the most embarrassing headlines about the other [...]

Photos: O Superman

Our Morning Roundup: “NBC Moodswing” Edition

*Checked out NBC Washington's new "Moods"/Washington Is... section? I hadn't! (Sorry, vacay.) Definitely interactive. Also, leads to hilarious/tacky catchphrases at the top of the homepage (see above). My problem with this is the same problem I have with "viewers' choice awards" on reality TV shows. (Full disclosure: don't watch many reality TV shows.) The whole [...]

What’s On Cable News All Night?

This guy isn't even the craziest asshole attending these health-care town halls.

Our Morning Roundup: Save the Journalists Edition

Good Morning, City Desk Readers!  The big news today is presidential, of course, but poor Barack Obama got usurped on his birthday by America's other First Black President.  Bill Clinton is receiving all the accolades today after his trip to North Korea, where he met with President Kim Jung Il and helped negotiate the pardoning [...]

Scam City! Grifters – and Consumer Protection – Are on the Rise, Officials Say

The economy might be in the dumps but it’s turning into a stellar year for consumer scams …  and government plans to combat them.
First, this just came in from one of the Metropolitan Police Department’s Yahoo groups: Beware of the telephone shysters posing as sales reps for the FBI. No, silly! Not the real Federal Bureau of [...]