Police: Kal Penn Robbery Still MPD’s Turf

The U.S. Secret Service has reportedly joined the investigation into yesterday's mugging of actor and Obama Administration employee Kal Penn – but the feds have "not taken over the case," a police spokesperson tells City Desk.
"The Metropolitan Police Department is the lead investigative agency handling the robbery," writes Lt. Nicholas Breul in an email. "The [...]

By The Numbers: Health Care Reform in D.C.

The passage of the health care reform bill was a big victory for the Obama administration—or, in Vice President Joe Biden's words, "a big fucking deal." But what does it mean for D.C.?
If you missed the link in Loose Lips Daily yesterday, let us recap. The House Energy and Commerce Committee—which obviously likes the bill—offers [...]

ACLU Scolds Holder for Failing to End Racial Profiling

Racial profiling that became widespread during the Bush days is still with us, according a new report co-authored by the American Civil Liberties Union.
Despite U.S. Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr.’s willingness to talk about race in America and his pledge to end racial profiling, his Department of Justice hasn’t done much to dismantle Bush-era guidelines [...]

Bill Richardson Finally Admits There Was No Play for Pay Scheme in His Baseball Past

I saw my first Cape Cod League game over the summer, expecting to catch Fairfax phenom Mike Bianucci playing for the Cotuit Kettleers.
As luck would have it, the W.T. Woodson grad and Auburn University star signed a contract with the Texas Rangers and left the Cape to mere hours before game time to start his [...]