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Police Union Chief Calls For DOJ To Investigate Pershing Park

D.C. Police Union Chief Kristopher Baumann has reviewed Ret. Judge Stanley Sporkin's report on the missing and/or destroyed evidence in the Pershing Park case. Baumann says he has concluded that there can be only one next step: The case should be referred to the Department of Justice.
“There needs to be an independent prosecutor set up," [...]

Introducing A Guide To The Pershing Park Case

Are you hazy on the events of Sept. 27, 2002 when D.C. police arrested 400 people in Pershing Park? Do you want to read about what it was like to be hogtied for hours?
Are you unsure what exactly a running resume is? Would you like to know just how the District lost or destroyed crucial [...]

Pershing Park Case: Will Sporkin Report Be a Whitewash?

When all else fails, commission a report.
It's one of the tried-and-true plays in the crisis-management playbook. Think about the history: the Warren Commission, the 9/11 Commission, the Iraq Intelligence Commission.
This past summer, D.C. Attorney General Peter Nickles had reached pretty much the same stage. As the city's top lawyer, he was entrusted with defending the [...]

District Settles 2000 Mass Arrest Case For $13.7 Million

Within 20 minutes of a hearing in federal court this afternoon, the District and plaintiffs attorneys settled a class-action lawsuit stemming from mass arrests and a police raid during the April 2000 anti-globalization protests—two years before the mass arrests at Pershing Park. This suit involves roughly 600 people arrested. The District agreed to a record [...]

Pershing Park Case: The Games Peter Nickles Plays

Earlier this week, U.S. District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan warned AG Peter Nickles: "You're playing games with the wrong judge." Sullivan was referring to the AG's near endless stall tactics in the Pershing Park cases. These tactics include attempting to preventing depositions from being taken, and fighting the release of documents to the public. But [...]

Pershing Park Case: Patterson Hopes District Has Learned Its Lesson

When news broke yesterday that a D.C. Police Detective had come forward to dispute former Chief Charles Ramsey's assertion that he did not order the arrests in Pershing Park in 2002, I immediately thought of Kathy Patterson.
Few fought harder to get at the truth of what led to Pershing Park than the former D.C. councilmember. [...]

Affidavit: Ramsey Ordered Pershing Park Arrests

An affidavit filed today in U.S. District Court raises questions as to whether former D.C. Police Chief Charles H. Ramsey may have committed perjury in his sworn testimony about the Pershing Park fiasco. Ramsey had repeatedly stated in depositions that he had not ordered the mass arrest of approximately 400 people during the Sept. 27, [...]

Pershing Park Case: Nickles Attempts To Prevent Detective From Testifying

Last Friday, Pershing Park case lawyers had arranged to depose  Detective Paul Hustler. All was going according to routine. Hustler showed up. The OAG lawyers showed up. The day before, he had been prepped by the OAG's team.  But just as the deposition was about to start, Hustler made an unusual request.
Hustler wanted his own [...]

Pershing Park Case: Is Peter Nickles Ready To Deal?

AG Peter Nickles had promised to settle the Pershing Park cases by Thanksgiving. If he wants to make good on that promise, he might start with picking up the phone, and meeting with the plaintiffs lawyers. According to one lawyer, Jonathan Turley, the attorney general has yet to even call him.
While Nickles may not be [...]

Pershing Park Case: Nickles Seeks Order Barring Public From Seeing Discovery Materials

The Office of the Attorney General continues to play stall ball in the Pershing Park cases. Recently, District lawyers lost their bid to take back documents previously turned over to plaintiffs attorneys. The fight over the never-ending discovery now centers around the District's filing of a motion for a protective order banning vasts amounts of [...]

Pershing Park Case: Read The Document Nickles Didn’t Want You To See

In the past few weeks, the Office of the Attorney General has waged a curious battle against plaintiffs in the Pershing Park case.
Attorney General Peter Nickles & Co. fought over whether plaintiffs could depose a government witness. They lost that battle and the deposition provided devastating evidence of more discovery abuses.
The losing fight over the [...]

OAG Calls. It Wants Its Emails Back.

Today, I wrote up a piece about how Office of Attorney General lawyers were/are furious with fire department brass. What's the reason for their anger? A shoddy investigation into the Georgetown Library fire that has become the subject of a massive lawsuit in D.C. Superior Court. The shoddy investigation means a lot of problems with [...]

OAG E-Mails Show Frustration With Fire Department; Did Investigators Botch The Georgetown Library Case?

First the Pershing Park case. The Office of the Attorney General may have had serious trouble with another high profile lawsuit—the Georgetown Library fire case. In April 2007, a three-alarm fire gutted Georgetown's public library. Two hundred firefighters along with roughly two dozen trucks battled the blaze. That huge effort may not have translated into [...]

Pershing Park Case: New Discovery Abuse Shocker

After some last minute stonewalling by the Office of the Attorney General, Pershing Park plaintiffs were finally allowed to depose a District employee concerning the vast discovery abuses in this mess of a case. Backed up by a court order, the employee was deposed on October 23. According to a filing submitted in U.S. District [...]

Watch: Peter Nickles Defend Parks Contracts

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