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Metro Leaders Plan to Outline Safety Improvements to Congress, Seek Dedicated Funding

"Our current approach to dealing with these issues, lurching from crisis to crisis, is not working."

Metro to Begin Monthly Power Inspections in April

The agency says it also identified 338 "non-emergency" cable locations during last week's shutdown.

AP: ‘Uninsulated’ Cables Found Near McPherson Square Station

"The investigation is ongoing," says Metro.

Metro Aims to Open at Regular Time on Thursday But Work Remains [UPDATE]

Expect another update around 10 p.m., the agency says.

Metro to Face Dozens of Lawsuits, ‘Daily and Unannounced’ Inspections

Metro faces growing pressure to improve safety

Metro to Expand ‘Close Call’ Reporting System to Bus Operators

Metrobus employees will be able to report safety concerns confidentially starting next year.

Feds Nix NTSB Recommendations for Metro

USDOT Secretary Anthony Foxx has his own ideas about how to fix D.C.'s beleaguered public transit system.

In Wake of Problems, Metro May Get New Oversight

"The safety management by [Metro] and safety oversight by the Tri-State Oversight Committee are unacceptable."

Today in D.C. History: Red Line Crash Kills 9 Near Fort Totten

On June 22, 2009, the deadliest crash in Metrorail's history occurred when two Red Line trains collided near the Fort Totten station, killing nine people and injuring dozens more.
The accident, and a subsequent National Transportation Safety Board investigation, offered a harsh assessment of Metro’s lax safety maintenance. That Monday just before 5 p.m., at the [...]

The Needle: No Hostages Edition

Phillips Flames Extinguished: A fire in a museum is about the worst nightmare any curator could have. So when the Phillips Collection started blazing this morning, it would have been easy to panic. But museum workers spirited artworks out of the building as soon as they realized the fire had started, and the areas directly [...]

Jim Graham: Metro Board Didn’t Fail You

Councilmember Jim Graham doesn't think the Metro boardmembers should be held responsible for the Metro crash last June; the councilmember was chairman at the time of the crash. The NTSB had hammered the board; City Desk cited numerous warning signs and previous NTSB recommendations that the board ignored prior to the crash. The Examiner captures [...]

The Needle: Serial Killer Alert Edition

Michigan Serial Killer Migrates South?: Authorities say the vehicle used by the attacker in a recent assault in Leesburg, Va., matches the description of the vehicle police believe an attacker used near Flint, Mich., earlier this year. That's bad news; in Michigan, authorities think the same suspect has killed five people and wounded eight others [...]

One Year After Crash, Metro Still Lacks ‘Safety Culture': Loose Lips Daily

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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT—"City FC Builds Hearts, Minds, and Soccer Fields," "Another Blaze Scorches Joe Englert's Boozy Empire," "Was Robert Wone Killed By Martial Arts Expert?," "World Cup [...]

Fenty Presser Liveblog

Mayor Adrian M. Fenty: Expresses deepest condolences, as is standard practice to start these briefings.
Confirms nine fatalities, the final count. "As a government and as a city" there are only four people whose identities have been confirmed.
Three of the four are residents of the District of Columbia. One lived in Hyattsville. Fenty contacted three of [...]